1. R

    3 month old hen wheezing and sneezing with 1 green crusty bubbly eye

    Hi! We have dealt with corzya in the past so I already know that isn't it. My baby chicken has been wheezing, 'rattling' and sneezing for about 2 months now. Today I noticed one of her eyes is swollen, has green and yellow crust around it and bubbles coming from the inner corner. No smell. She's...
  2. C

    Hen acting sick- droopy comb-lethargy- green poop.

    Can anyone tell me what poop this color means?
  3. E

    Need help please.

    My Americana (unknown age, adopted from farm) got sick. She had watery yellow stools, became lethargic and died. Now one of the other hens has the same stool. It’s yellow and watery, I did not see any worms. Coccidiosis? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Fdny11Bravo

    Can anyone help? Don’t want my 9 week bantam to die

    She’s been breathing heavy after her first night in the coop, the rest are doing absolutely fine she was huddled head in feathers eyes closing and breathing heavy, i brought her back inside to brooder playpen gave her some meds in her water my friend gave me till the corrid i ordered comes...
  5. chickmamat

    Emaciated hen. EYP, IMPACTED crop. Impacted Gizzard.

    3 yo RIR. Has been “off” for over a year. Goes through cycles of lethargy. Hasn’t laid in quite some time. Smallest in the flock, bottom of the pecking order. Has had sour crop before (3 months ago) and I was able to alleviate it by regurgitation. She immediately perked up, resumed normal...
  6. Agam

    Please Help Me To Save My Chicken

    please help me. I bought two chicken male and female and put them with old flock. Bread is ayam cermani. The old don’t let the to join them. Rooster is doing good but HEN IS NOT FINE. She is not eating enough plus she is closed her one eye. And the sale men said she lay egg but there 3 day gone...
  7. A

    Unwell Chicken- Help!

    Hi everyone - We have a 2 yr old Isa Brown who is not well and has survived a fox attack. All of the other chickens were taken by a fox/es unfortunately. There are no obvious injuries to her, she was found hiding, and has not moved much since the attack about 4 days ago. She will not eat, she...
  8. M

    HELP Sick Hen Possibly Egg Bound

    I need help with my approx. 8-9 month old red sex link hen. She is normally a great layer but has not laid in at least a few days. I first noticed something was wrong when I saw her standing in the same position yesterday with her eyes closed, opening and closing her beak as if she was crowing...
  9. J

    sick chicken

    today i have noticed my daily layer seemed to have lack of energy. i decided to put food out because she normally runs to the food but she stayed still and she stood sleeping i did see her walk around the backyard normally she was perfectly fine yesterday can someone tell me what is wrong and...
  10. Catbutts

    Is this molting??????

    Hi. My 11 months old Hybrid hen lose her chest feather since last month! Is this molting or some kind of disease? she doesn't show any sign of sickness and doing pretty well. Ps. She is a leader of the flock so I don't think it's pecking
  11. ckbollier

    Sneezing Silkies

    Hi all- I am a new chicken mom & am worried because I have noticed that my four silkies have been sneezing more than I would think is normal (?) for a few days. -there is no snot, no watery eyes, no lethargy or anything else out of the usual. - they are running around, greeting me like...
  12. calichooks

    puffed up, SICK hen!

    was told today one of the girls didn’t want to come out of the coop. went outside and she’s puffed up. she still goes after food and water, but she isnt talking and moves very rigidly. her crop is small and it isn’t sour/impacted. i would say egg bound but that would be weird because she hasn’t...
  13. W

    Dehydrated chicken?? Need help

    Yesterday morning I found my chicken falling over and couldn't keep her head up. It keep going back as if she was looking towards the ceiling. I figured it was because their water ran out. I started giving her water with a syringe and within an hour or two looked better but still very thin and...
  14. Smelly

    I think my button quail is dying

    I picked up my 5 month old quail earlier and afterward she started panting/gasping for air, since then she's just been sitting, breathing heavily and she seems like she's asleep but she will open her eyes if there's any noise, I noticed a few days ago she would nap during the day but I didn't...
  15. Kimberlass

    Chicken’s tail all the way down, weak, can’t feel egg

    Hello! I have a three year old black star who as of this evening is having difficulty walking and has her tail all the way down to the ground. I just noticed after work (husband says she was fine this morning.) She did eat some today. I soaked her in an Epsom salt bath as soon as I noticed, and...
  16. abirdsong18

    Sick Chickens - gooey eyes with no other symptoms

    I’m fairly new to the chicken world but have been around and taken care of others’ chickens most of my life.... I’ve scoured the internet & family for help but everything I’ve read is missing what my chickens have. I have 13 chickens that are 8 months old - 2 buffs, 3 barred rock, 5...
  17. City2CountryGirl

    Gurgling sound?

    I was out with my chickens earlier and one of my pullets had a gurgling, bubbling sound to them? Can they get sick? Like catch a cold? or have digestion problems? seems to be fine I mean running around and foraging? I was just curious. Thank you
  18. E

    Inspect a molting chicken's crop?

    Hi, my poor hen just started molting earlier this week. Horrible timing, as the high has been in the 40s and the low has been in the mid-20s. The past few days she's been acting very peculiar. Initially, I thought it was because she was so cold, but now she's acting like she is dizzy. She takes...
  19. Y

    One Surviving Chick...What to do?

    After hand raising (inside my home) for four months, 8 separate broods of chickens and Wild Guinea. I can safely say YES House Chickens ARE doable! Of these birds I picked two that were to be INSIDE chickens. I lost my best girl and her house mate was alone for a year.. I was her flock and she...
  20. H

    Turkey is sick

    I have a 2 year old royal palm Tom and the past few days he's had a runny nose and today I noticed he has green diarrhea. Maybe just a cold? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks so much in advance
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