1. Australorp94

    Help with Verde, my male Australorp

    Hi everyone! My male Australorp, Verde, is sick. He's still young; barely 5 months old. His condition seems to be quite serious and I'm wondering how his passing (if it comes to that) will affect his flockmates? They are inseparable it's really cute. When he calls they come and when he leaves...
  2. M

    Very sick guinea hen

    We have a very sick Guinea Hen. She has some ruffled feathers, very lethargic, rarely moves and is off balanced when she does move, runny poop, and very quiet. Can anyone help? We tried to worm her with a water based solution called "Backyard Chicken Health Pack" but I don't think it helped her...
  3. KCkitten05

    Help! Chicken has strange sore on waddle

    My Buff Orphington, Lucy, has this strange sore on the side of her waddle.. it looks like an abscess.. Does anyone know if chickens can get cueterebra (fly larvae) ?? Im not sure how to treat this, so please any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. chickengirl778

    Barred Rock very sick, please help!

    1) What type of bird , age and weight (does the chicken seem or feel lighter or thinner than the others.) She is a Barred Rock, 3 years old, don't know her exact weight, but definitely feels lighter than normal. 2) What is the behavior, exactly. Extreme lethargy, wings hanging down, comb and...
  5. C

    Chickens poopy butts-some runny, some like dried on butt feathers

    Hi there, I have 7 chickens. 4 out of my 7 chickens have runny poop. Which makes them have runny poppy butts. They are 10 months old. They are on Purina premium Layena crumbles from tractor supply. I also feed them their crushed egg shells and purina poultry grit. I give them my bread scraps, my...
  6. HuskerHens18

    Illness after moving flock

    This year has not been a nice year for my chickens or property. From decaying wood to predation, I do not have a safe winter home for my birds. I found a farrowing house for hogs on a property a mile from me that was left unused for a decade. I power washed it out and got it all ready for...
  7. suzbo

    Picking up Rooster inside large cage

    We have to give our rooster medication twice a day. Because we need to go inside the cage that part of the process is difficult because the rooster goes into a panic. Once he catches him I am able to pill him with ease but it is the catching part in the cage that is difficult. Should we first...
  8. BestDiscoMan13

    Help I have a chick with a unabsorbed egg sac!

    Help I have a chick with a unabsorbed egg sac! It's a silkie and polish cross it has a sac on its stomach leaking egg yolk the chick is weak but sweet. Does anyone know anything to help please? What should I do?
  9. Dparish032

    Sick Hen..egg bound? Something else? What can I do?

    My hen has a swollen abdomen. It’s warm to the touch and feels kind of hard. I’ve checked to see if I can feel an egg but I can’t. I’ve also soaked her in warm water. She’s been like this for almost a week now. What can I do for her??
  10. H

    First Sick Chicken!

    Hello! I have five 12 week old hens. I've have them since 1 week and they've all seemed fine. They acclimated well to the outdoors from tbe brooder, acclimated well to the watering nipple, and 4 of them are big and healthy. I noticed yesterday that one was getting stepped on while at the...
  11. rascal66

    Hypothermia or Marek's?

    Its been very rainy here in western WA. We had just put up a roof for our run but hadn't finished installing the metal roof just yet. (Just the plywood and the tar paper was installed and the structure was reinforced). The winds blew away the paper, and the roof got all leaky... Needless to say...
  12. coltgrizzz

    Pigeon is sick, please help

    I just noticed my pigeon is making weird noises. When we first got him i heard him sneezing a lot but I posted about it on facebook and they said not to give antibiotics. This most definitely sounds respiratory though. Can anyone confirm and have any medicine recommendations with dosages?
  13. F

    Not eating, drinking excessive, vomiting? Lethargy

    1 year old silver laced Wyandotte, she has been broody then stopped and was well for a bout a week in between, then she stopped eating and looked lethargic, seperated to keep and eye on and started giving amprolium oral drench 2ml .. but no sign of when I picked her up to give...
  14. M

    Possibly sick Guinea Fowl Hen?? Please Help

    We have 6 Pearl Guinea Fowl (4 male, 2 female). One of our females has become noticeably skinny with some ruffled or loose downing feathers over a 2 day time span. She is acting pretty normal, still on her feet, running around, eating feed, etc. I'm just worried about the dramatic size...
  15. C

    lame hen

    Hi I am new to chickens. This hen (1 of 5) is a mixed breed, about 6 months old. About a week ago she stated looking lethargic, not staying with the flock. Yesterday I discovered her in the coop, unable to move her legs. She is warm and alert, eating and drinking, normal stool. Feed is a mixed...
  16. lil bird lady1

    Lethargic chicks please help

    They are about 1 month old. I know 100% for a fact that its not wry neck. They are silkies, they are holding their neck scrunched in as if they are cold but it's a warm temperature and they have their mama bird. They keep one by one laying on their side refusing to open their eyes and then they...
  17. rascal66

    Gurgly Rooster

    I noticed my Rhode Island Red Roo sounds gurgly. He tried to crow and.. Well he couldn't fully. He sounds almost congested.. He is the only one in the flock I've noticed this from. He eats drinks and acts normally. I haven't seen any watery nose or eyes... What could be wrong? Anything I can...
  18. A

    Abnormal behavior/comb color change

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice or ideas what could be going on with one of my girls, shes a 9 month old sapphire gem. Within the past 3 days I noticed her acting more lethargic/not herself. Shes not being as social, not going in the run when its first opened in the morning like all...
  19. SavvySilkieMom

    Anything else I can do for a "runt" baby silkie?

    Here are 2 previous posts: (Thank you to those who have been following me and this chick) 1: My baby chick silkie ingested a drop of dawn dish soap??? Is it fatal??? what should i watch for??? im so scared Please help!! The chick is a week old bantam silke 2: I need help she is lethargic. She...
  20. SavvySilkieMom

    Please help my Silkie is Lethargic!

    I posted this 2 nights ago: My baby chick silkie ingested a drop of dawn dish soap??? Is it fatal??? what should i watch for??? im so scared Please help!! The chick is a week old bantam silke TODAY: I need help she is lethargic. She is only moving around and standing if I encourage her but she...
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