thin shells

  1. H

    missing feathers, thin shells

    I have 10 hens: 4 Araucanas, 4 Barred Rocks, and 2 Lace Winged Wyandotte's. They were hatched March 2019 and layed 7-11 eggs daily. This year I'm getting 4-8 eggs daily I feed a popular chicken feed with oyster supplement. They also get fresh leftovers of meats and vegetables and chicken scratch...
  2. NH-Song

    Thin Shells

    I have a mixed-breed flock of hens (brahmas, isabrowns, barred rocks, wyandottes, jersey giants, an easter egger, and a rhode island red), in a good-sized coop with large windows. I'm in coastal New Hampshire. We moved them out of our basement a couple of months ago (they'd been spending nights...
  3. MichelleT

    Thin Shelled Eggs... an epidemic

    Hello all! I have 7 layers and 3 pullets close to POL. 1 is older (6-7 years is our best approximation) 1 is 2 years old the other 5 are a little over a year old. The older gal has had some thin-shelled eggs as she has aged. The others have been fine... until now... as of about a month ago...
  4. Urban Waddler

    Duck Egg Shells thin and bumpy.

    So, My 1.5 year old Pekin has always laid great, hard-shelled eggs with no blemishes. Lately, her shells have been rough, thin, and full of calcium deposits or rough build up bumps. I always thought those bumps meant too much calcium. But then, thin shells meant not enough. She gets one to two...
  5. RoyalCoopMom

    One hen has thin shells- What to do?

    I have one hen, a 3 year old barred Rock, who lays a very thin shelled egg. The rest of my flock, a two year old and 5 pullets, are fine. In variably when she lays somebody breaks the egg and makes a mess. They have oyster shell available all the time and are on layer feed. What can i do...
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