wanted duck

  1. RainForestBird

    Wanted: Female Call or Australian Spotted Duck(s)

    Looking for a female Call or Australian Spotted Duck. Prefer nutmeg color, or pastel but will consider other colors. I have a small flock of Calls and Spotteds. All ducks are well cared for and have pools of fresh, clean water for swimming, allowed to free range and fed high quality feed plus...
  2. F

    Wood ducks wanted

    Does anyone sell woodducklings or eggs I have been looking everywhere and can’t find them and I’ve done my research. I also raise mallards and I’ve been looking for wood ducks for 3 years, I want to raise them as young so I can bond more. If anyone is selling eggs or ducklings please let me know...
  3. Kallywumpus

    ISO Ducks in WA/OR

    I have a lonely Khaki Campbell drake who would really like some friends. Ordering chicks is the next step, but I thought I'd check around here to see if anyone nearby is looking to downsize? They don't have to be Khakis, but friendly. I currently live near Walla Walla, WA but would be willing to...
  4. duckduckgoose86

    7 week old khaki campbell duck pair (drake and hen)

    I have two 7 week old khaki campbells that are the sweetest things. I have another closed flock of all hens that Id really rather not add them too. I originally got them to keep a rescue mallard company, which worked beautifully. I hate the thought of someone taking them off craigslist to eat...
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