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what gender are they

  1. J

    Prairie Bluebell Egger

    Hi I am new to chickens. I just wanted to see if this was a pullet. She may have laid an egg already, but I can’t tell for certain due to the fact my other bluebell egger is always in the coop. But I just don’t really see her in the coop that much and I just want to make sure because most of...
  2. S

    At 15 weeks old I can’t tell if I have hens or roosters?

    Hello ! so I got these 5 birds back in May and now they are 15 weeks old and am Thinking I got several roos and not the hens I was told I was getting. Any help would be great thanks team !
  3. Carmschickens

    Can you sex these EE?

    Hi! I’m brand new to chickens and have started with 8 EE that are now 4.5 weeks old. I’m dying to know which are Roos and which are hens. I mean ideally we will only have one rooster with the hens so I would like to know which we will have to re home. I will attach pictures below of my birds if...
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