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  1. R

    Chickens at school

    Hi i'm new to this forum, although I browsed it in the past when I ran into problems similar to ones posted here I never made the jump to make an account until now. I've had chickens now at my own property for just about 4 years now. I've wintered chickens one year and that always seems to be a...
  2. kylemsenger

    New Member

    Hey, Everyone! I'm Kyle! I wanted to post and say that I am new to raising chickens in Cleveland, OH and like everything else in life, Google has been my best friend in answering questions and learning to set up my coop and run. Backyardchickens.com forum has almost always been the number one...
  3. Samannemm

    Small coop ventilation in winter

    Hi all, I have a small coop ~3’x3’ with only 3 hens left after a coyote attack a few weeks ago. I took out their top roosting bar so that I could provide more ventilation at the top without the wind being able to directly blow on them. From what I read one of the most important factors in...
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