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    Who are we?

    SnowPack is a Pack of Wolves, they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors and each one is unique. All wolves, no matter their color, shape or size are welcome.


    General Rules:
    • If you don't like this thread, please stay off it [​IMG]
    • All BYC Rules
    • Don't control another player's charactor
    • No name calling or attacks on another player
    • Be realistic
    • Have fun!

    Combat Rules:
    • Try not to get too bloody/gory, we have younger members
    • Only one attack per post, it makes fights funner for everyone
    • No "Instant Killing"


    Pack Positions (Highest displayed at top):
    Alpha-Male: The leader of the Pack, usually consults with the Alpha female before making decisions.
    Alpha-Female: Basically the deputy, and at the same time, a leader. In the absence of the alpha male, she takes command of the Pack.
    Herb Wolf: Medicine is his or hers duty, to heal and ease. Never goes into battle.
    Scouts: The swiftest, fastest and smallest wolves of the pack. Used to scout out food and plot possible attack routes. Also used as spies.
    Hunters: The scouts help find food when off mission, and the hunters move in and make the kill, then bring it back to camp.
    Guards: The bulkiest, strongest Wolves in the Pack. They sleep with the warriors, and are used as guards to protect ALL members of the Pack.
    Pup-Mothers: They are females and raise pups until they reach the age to become an apprentice. Then they move back into the position they held before their pups were born.
    Pups: All wolves under 6 moons of age are considered pups, they are care for by the pup-mothers.
    Apprentices: The apprentices, all have "paw" at the end of their names. They are trained for as long as their mentor deems necessary.


    Loners: Cause no trouble to the pack, they may have once been part of the Pack but may not have, they are usually honest and can be trusted.

    Rouges: Try to cause trouble in the pack, could have been banned from the Pack for a murder or another serious crime. They are usually dishonest and should not be trusted.


    The Wolves of SnowPack:

    Jace: A large, muscular, russet colored he-wolf with wise yellow eyes. He has a deep, rumbling voice that commands authority over all members of the Pack. He was once a member of a Pack up north but left to start his own, thus creating SnowPack. He is a wise, gentle leader who would willingly give his live for any member of his Pack. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Eudora: Her underparts are pure ebony, but her upperparts are dark gray with silver intermingled. Her face is masked in black with expressive white eyebrows, and she has thoughtful olive green eyes that contrast against the background. Dense, elongated chrome-tipped fur lines her neck like a ruff, and she inherited large, keen ears. She is well-built, but fairly slender, with black-socked legs and a long, fluffy tail tipped in white. She is normally very calm but when her clan is in danger, she becomes a fierce, merciless fighter, sometimes to the fault of being blinded with rage and thinking rashly. She is a cross between a Gray wolf and a Red fox (Silver morph). (BirdNut)

    Osprey: A slate gray she-wolf with white underparts, like a typical gray wolf. The only marked difference that sets her apart are odd markings on her face. She is sweet, optimistic, and loving. (BirdNut)

    Wren: A pure white she-wolf with a thick, dazzleing coat and light blue eyes that stick out among her fur. She is mysterious, kind, gentle, quiet, a little stubborn, loving and easy to get along with. (chickendiva25)

    Husky: A strong, beige and white he-wolf with sharp teeth and good eyes. She is also a good hunter and is caring and cunning. (pekinduck<3er)

    Hawk: A massive, handsome he-wolf with piercing pale yellow eyes, highlighted by black 'eye liner'. His face is cream colored, though his forehead and the rest of his body are a dark, nearly black grey. He has a pale stripe lined along each shoulder and the same color on the tip of his tail and on his paws. Hawk's fur ripples with muscles and his claws are deadly. His fangs are huge, often seen while he is speaking. He is kind and considerate of others feelings, though very fierce around intruders. Will do anything to protect his pack. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Eagle: A brown, white, black and gray patched he-wolf. He is very loyal, eats more than most, is fast for his size, brave, and won’t talk about where he came from (NixNoodleNumbat)

    Misery: An almost completely black he-wolf with large, wide shoulders and 2 redish streaks starting at his nose, going through his eyes, down the back of his neck and stops at his shoulders. The tip of his tail is also red. He has grey eyes and stand four feet tall at the shoulders. He is cold and untrusting at first but once he gets to know you he is surprisingly cheerful and happy. (theoneguy)

    Falcon: A large white she-wolf with beige streaks on her back. She is usually kind to others but has a certain darkness to her. At times she can appear cold and heartless, but only to protect her Clan. She is very loyal to SnowPack. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Panda: A black and white she-wolf with spots that look like rain drops. She is nice, sweet, loving and cunning. (pekinduck<3er)

    Bear: A very large, high-spirited, grey and black he-wolf. He is nice but gets angry fast, is also cunning. (pekinduck<3er)

    Seal: A grey she-wolf with one white stripe. She is shy, nice, loyal and loving towards others. (pekinduck<3er)

    Rex: A pure black he-wolf, he is cunning, caring and sly but gets angry fast. (pekinduck<3er)

    Sparrow: Although his name is Sparrow, he resembles a robin. He is mostly black with white socks, tail tip and a border of white at the tips of his ears. His chest has bits of deep red on it. He is Kind and caring. He can be mischievous at times, and enjoys swimming, and catching fish. (NixNoodleNumbat)

    Zelda: A slender, mist-gray she-wolf with brown points on her ears, feet and face. Her face is especially delicate, and she moves with careful grace. She is regall looking. She is quiet and calm most of the time, is shy, and very submissive to male wolves. If approached by any male she will grovel, and allow them to mate with her. She isn't very fond of pups, but the Pack where she was raised she wolves were attacked and beaten if they weren't submissive to he-wolves. She can get angry, but only occasionally. She can fight, but most of the time chooses not to. (Quinn4321)

    Quail: A pure white he-wolf who is nice but can be fierce. (the outdoorsman)

    Russel: A slender, swifted foot black and white he-wolf with one white paw and long, slim legs. He is very outspoken and always willing to go on a mission. Sometimes he can seem aggressive towards newcomers, but its only because he is worried for his Pack. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Stella: A grey she-wolf, with one blue eye and one brown. She is outgoing, kind, and caring. Sometimes has a little too much empathy. Very protective, and a good actor. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Snow: A pure white she-wolf, with sharp teeth and great eyes. In addition to being a scout she is a great fighter and hunter. She is sweet, cunning, high-spirited, and shy. (pekinduck<3er)

    Sandpiper: A thin light brown she-wolf who tends to hide in bushes when scouting. Very shy and un-talkative and also cringes at everything. (Dutchgirl)

    Chickadee: A blue-gray she-wolf with black streaks running over her back. Her tail is striped, her legs have little fain black stripes running up them and her face's stripes are more pronounced. She is kind, but can be fiery. Very loyal and loving and can get carried away sometimes. She wants to raise her own pups one day, but is content for now. (NixNoodleNumbat)

    Ashlyn: An unusually small white she-wolf with pure blue eyes. She was the runt of the litter and never grew as big as her littermates. Standing at just over two feet tall at the shoulders she is the smallest adult wolf in SnowPack. Since she was the runt she learned how to fight for survival at a young age, she is quick, agile and very smart. She also tends to be overly sarcastic. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Ibis: A gorgeous and rather small pure white she-wolf with not a speck of any other color. Her eyes are large and of frosty blue, full of much expression and highlighted around the edges with a sharp black. Ibis's coat is very fluffy and downy, to the point she blends in perfectly with the snow during winter. She is kind in attitude and very loyal to her pack to the point she'd die for it. She can be quite sinister when provoked, however. Ibis was abandoned in the forest by her parents when she was only weeks old. (Zinnia-Hen)

    Larkpaw: A creamy white she-wolf with tinge of gold only brought out when standing in full sunlight. She is sweet, intergetic, and always ready to learn something new. She left her old Pack to find another after an earthquake left only her alive. (horsecrazychicklovingkid)

    Fox: A she-wolf colored exactly like a fox, only bigger. She is sweet and cunning but gets angry fast if you mess with her and her pups. Mother to Tiger and Jaguar. (pekinduck<3er)

    Dove: A totally white she-wolf except for a black streak from her nose to the tip of her tail. Motherly, sometimes a little bossy, calm, gentle, and a hunting expert. (Dutchgirl)

    Finch: A she-wolf with pale blonde fur on the top, with white underparts. A few black stripes on her legs, one going down her tail, and another traveling vertically down her muzzle. Dark eyes. Shy, but willing to have pups. Also willing to nurse any pups that need nursing, but only can if she has pups. Needs a mate badly... and not just for her sake. (Dutchgirl)

    Shadeheart: A red-coated she-wolf with yellow eyes and white paws. Malnourished and very skinny, her fur is thin and patchy and her ears fold over. Rejected by her last pack because her father was a dog. Has two pups of her own but cannot feed them properly because she has no pack and her mate was killed by a mountain lion. Is desperate and feels like she will never have a pack of her own. Lives as a scavenger, causing problems among SnowPack because she steals supplies. Lives in a dumpster and raids trash cans. Not afraid of humans. Is extremely fast, but weak because of lack of food. (Skip)

    Viper: A mostly white she-wolf with black socks, ear tips, and tail tip. There is a thin line of deep red running from her nose, down her back and to the tip of her tail. She has red-brown eyes. Although she has an evil-sounding name, Viper is very nice, kind, generous and shy. She aspires to be a herb-wolf, and tries to learn as much as she can from Wren. Parents are Sparrow and Chickadee. (NixNoodleNumbat)

    Tiger: A grey she-wolf with black stripes, she is strong-spirited, adventurous, kind, outgoing and always willing to help. (pekinduck<3er)

    Jaguar: A grey he-wolf with black spots, he is cunning, strong-spirited, outgoing and nice. (pekinduck<3er)

    Bluejay: A blueish-gray she-wolf with white underparts and legs, and black markings. Black mask over eyes, white face. Proud, with a touch of haughtiness, but really very friendly. Extremely quick. Tends to be quick to insulting, but soon realizes her plight and just as quickly apologizes. (Dutchgirl)

    Squirrel: An all black he-wolf with a white face, a red stripe going down his muzzle, and a red-tipped tail. Very playful and makes friends easily, and is eager to learn. Very protective towards his mother and siblings, but as curious as a cat. (Dutchgirl)

    Cardinal: A she-wolf with reddish paws, red smudges on her face, and a red tipped tail. Her body is all cream except the red smudges, and her eyes are a deep brown. She is tender, sensitive, sweet and lovable. She looks forward to growing up and defending her Pack. Her siblings and parents are Chickadee and Sparrow, Viper. (NixNoodleNumbat)

    Budgie: A she-wolf who looks normal enough, just kind of greenish at a certain angle. She is friendly and likes birds. (birdies)

    Robin: A he-wolf who used to be a rouge with his mother Shadeheart and his sister Rain. Precocious, adventurous and with no sense of danger, he frequently gets himself into all sorts of trouble. He is red-furred with a single ear that flops over. (Skip)

    Rain: A she-wolf who is soft-spoken and sweet and looks nothing like her mother. She aspires to be an herb wolf someday, is silver-furred and skinny. (Skip)

    Raider: A silver she-wolf with black ticking down her back and a white blaze across her forehead. She is small for her age, but strong. She is very unsure about everything going on, but she's loyal, highly intelligent, fierce, and will stand her ground in any situation. (laceynoelle)


    Wolves outside the Pack:

    Lion: Tannish brown He-Wolf, with dark brown battle scars on his legs, chest, and hips. Dark brown eyes. A sort of dirt-brown mane-like thick fur on his neck and around his face. Kind and brave and a skilled hunter. A spiritual father to all pups, and attentive to his own children and mate. Experienced in many things. Came from a pack that eventually died out from an onslaught of heartworm. Suffered from heartworm also and thus lost his mate Dove and her yet unborn pups. Does not hate humans but rather accepts them as a stupid species that is dumb enough to try to kill off the greatest race on earth - wolves. As a pup was a friend to an elderly lady, and now is a friend to any human that will accept him also. (Dutchgirl)

    Lynx: A large, aging she-wolf with a dark, downy pelt. The tips of her sides, around her leg joints and hocks, on the edges of her snout, along her eyes, and parts of her shanks are highlighted with an orange tone while her body has several widespread strands of fur of the same color. Lynx's inner and lower legs are of a snowy cream shade as is her belly, chest, and cheeks. Her tail is the dark tone at the top, orange by the middle, and black at the tip. Though usually hidden by her mass amounts of fur, she is very muscular and is a Eurasian wolf. She's vicious and cruel, not afraid to inflict pain on even the youngest of pups or the eldest of the pack. (Zinnia-Hen)


    To Join, fill these categories out. Copy and paste the form and PM it to me. Please don't post it on the forums as I may miss it and your charactor won't get added.



    The Camp:

    Leaders Pine: A low to the ground pine tree, with long branches that extend away from the trunk, eventually draping down to the ground and creating a hollow space inside. The den floor is filled with soft moss and feathers, supplying enough room for the Alpha-Male and Alpha-Female.

    Herb Den: Tucked away behind a thick patch of ferns is an old stream bed under a partially hollowed out boulder. The different layers of rock erroded it different speeds creating ridges which were then converted into shelves. Part of the old stream strill trickles through from up in the mountains, pooling in a small dip in the rock and providing fresh drinking water to all patients in the Herb Den.

    Scouts Log: A massive, hollow old tree tunk lying in the outskirts of the camp. It is smaller then most dens which is why it was given to the scouts, because they are usually the smallest adults of the Pack.

    Hunters Cave: A large, open cave in the side of the mountain. If anything was to happen it is large enough to shelter the whole Pack. The entrance is protected by thorny bushes, making it very difficult for anything to get in without using the narrow trail. Both the hunters and the guards sleep here.

    Nursery: A large dip in the ground with thick bushes and trees grown in around the outsides and creating a canopy over the top. In addition to that there are added sticks, dried mud, and leaves piled on top to prevent any water from leaving in. The outside walls are also protected with thorny branches tucked in among the bushes and trees to warn off any intruders.

    Food Cave: A small but deep, cool cave not far from the Hunters Cave. Since it is deeper into the ground it stays fairly cool inside to keep the meat longer, it is also safe from predators who would try and steal it. During times where food is short a guard is posted at the entrance.

    Highrock: A large boulder in the centre of SnowPack's camp. The top has been worn away, leaving a smooth, flat surface behind. The Alpha-Male or Female may address the Pack from here to share news.

    Drinking Stream: A deep, fast flowing mountain stream that flows from the top of the mountains, providing, fresh, cool water at all times. It is located just outside camp.


    The Territory:

    Dragonfly River: A deep, fast flowing river that snakes its way through SnowPack territory from the mountains until it reaches Owl Lake. In places it is relativly calm and peaceful and in others it is a deadly, raging river that could easily drown even the best swimmers. It floods every spring and can create a dangerous combination of ice-cold, fast flowing water with strong under currents.

    Sky Rock: A large, flat rock that juts out on the side of the mountain and looks over SnowPack territory. Sometimes a guard is posted here to watch for trouble as you can see most of the territory from here. Pups are strickly forbidden from this place because it is very easy to fall over the edge if your not careful.

    Owl Lake: A large, deep lake on the far west side of SnowPack territory. It is surrounded by large pine trees and is home to many types of fish. The drinking stream and the Dragonfly River flow into this lake and is also full of fish. Bears like to hang around this area because of the fish so watch out!

    Dagger Point- A small rock outcrop over Owl Lake. Over time the rocks have broken apart into loose, crumbling pieces and its slowly falling into the lake. Water voles like to live in the cracks between the rocks but loosing your footing while catching them could prove deadly.

    Rabbit Meadow: A rare patch of meadow in an otherwise dense forest, it got its name from the hundreds of rabbits who call this place their home. Deer also like to graze in this area, making it a prime hunting spot.

    Death Rapids: A deadly section in Dragonfly River where the water flows through a narrow series of rapids. Since the river becomes narrower the water flows a lot faster, creating strong undertows and hidden rocks under the surface. No wolf has been known to survive these rapids.


    The Gang:

    The gang doesn't really have a name, they are a bunch of rogue wolves who know each other well and will stand together to face a threat. They also don't have a leader or offical medicine wolf, a few of the wolves know a bit about herbs but thats it. Generally they like the cause trouble but there are a few members who aren't so eager to fight. They have almost no sense of loyalty to each other, a mother will protect her pups until they are teen wolves but then they are on their own. If one member is in trouble the others mayb choose to help, or not, depending on the situation.

    If a Gang wolf is not being used any player may use them as long as they follow the guidelines above.

    Adult Wolves:
    Jake: A huge brown and white he-wolf with large, yellow eyes. Is very easy going and mostly friendly except when someone gets in his way, he preferes talking to fighting.

    Snowy: A snow white she-wolf with long, silky white fur. She is an amazing hunter, especially in the winter because her fur blends right in with the snow. Loves to cause fights and isn't the friendlist to enemies.

    Jasper: A pure black he-wolf with massive paws and long, wickedly sharp claws. He loves to fight and will often attack for no reason other then pleasure.

    Minnie: A slender tan colored she-wolf, she is light footed, quick and agile both in battle and while she's hunting. Her pelt is streaked with scars from previous battles.

    Owen: A grey and white speckled he-wolf with bright green eyes. He has a long, bushy tail which is surprisingly strong and can knock smaller wolves down or make larges wolves stumble.

    Kate: A tough, long furred russet colored she-wolf. Is always on the go and hates to be beaten at anything by anyone. She is very strong and an excellent fighter and hunter, one of the most powerful wolves in the gang.

    Anna: A tiny grey she-wolf who is soft spoken and warm hearted. She hates fighting and is a peacekeeper among the gang, also knows a bit about herbs.

    Teen Wolves
    Lady: A grey speckled she-wolf with light blue eyes. She is a good fighter and often causes fights because she loves to make others angry.

    Ben: A cheerful, easy going he-wolf with jet black fur and green eyes. He's a good fighter and hunter but preferes to talk like Jake instead of fighting.

    Hana: A light brown she-wolf with blue eyes. Is always serious about everything she does and rarely plays or smiles much.

    Miles: A white and white speckled he-wolf with a short tail. He has a very mysterious personality and is hard to read, is also very unpredictable and sometimes moody.

    Sasha: A large multicolored she-wolf with long, pointed ears. She has long, curved claws which are perfect for fighting and bringing down large animals for food. Mother to Sam, Cole and Maggie.

    Sam: A white he-wolf, loves to cause fights and make others angry. He can be very annoying and isn't afraid of death or dieing.

    Cole: A dark ginger colored he-wolf with dark green eyes. Is usually very quiet, preferes to listen and hears more then he should because of this. He is wise for his age and gives good advice.

    Maggie: An easy going brown and white speckled she-wolf with a slim, athletic build. She is soft spoken and kind to her friends and family but can be cruel to her enemies, whoever they are.


    UnwindPack: (pekinduck<3er)

    Unwind Pack is a group of dogs that used to be pets but escaped from their masters to be wild. They encounter dangers, excitement, love and decisions that could mean life or death. The Pack is made up of different types of dogs, they could be Akitas, Beagles, Jack Russels, Boxers, Pitbulls, Bulldogs ect. but its all up to them to escape the dangers of humans that wish to put them in the pound and put them to sleep. There are also other Packs of dogs, but they have more experience so watch out and....survive.

    Tank: An Akita who is beige but has white on his chest. He has blue eyes and is built heavily. He is young but is experienced in sighting. Is looking to make a Pack and find a mate. (pekinduck<3er)

    Netter: A mix who is half wolf half husky. Looks like classical grey wolf. (DuckLover2399)

    Medicine Dog:

    Abby: A big brown black lab with unusual green eyes. She is very smart, funny, sometimes a flirt, cunning and manipulative. She is looking for a mate and is a very mystical dog. (pekinduck<3er)

    Buffy: A large black Pitbull she-dog who is muscular and has a nasty temper which can get out of hand. She is loving to her pack. (pekinduck<3er)

    Akito: An Akita he-dog who is both very large, and very mean. He is loyal to his Pack. (pekinduck<3er)



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    Everyone who had a charactor before, please tell me that you want to "rejoin". There are quite a few charactors on there that were never used, so I'm just going to take those ones out.
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    Suprise, Arizona

    Eudora neatly crossed her paws and thoughtfully looked forward, into the lush labyrinth of foliage and shadow-shrouded depths of the forest. So much had changed, new pups were born, the pack was growing, and her previous mate-- dare she let her mind wander again? She blinked away the bleariness in her eyes, sighing heavily and swallowing the lump of remorse in her throat. She was with Jace now, he was sweet and snarky in an endearing way, their future together seemed bright; everything was going to be great, she assured herself.

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    Jace sat on the SkyRock, gazing over the territory he now called his own. As he made his way back down towards the camp his mouth twisted into a smile at the thought of seeing Eudora again. His paws made no sound as he neatly crossed the now-familiar territory and headed back towards the camp, his eyes and ears alert.
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    Eudora peeled her blank eyes from the forest and pricked her ears as she heard the quiet pitter-patter of approaching footsteps. Her melancholy expression brightened into a warm smile as she greeted her mate with a cheerful wag of her white-spangled tail.
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    Quote:Jace's mouth split into a grin and he ran the last few paces into camp to touch noses with his mate.
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    rain walked around camp boredly
  8. pekinduck<3er

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    rain saw russel ''hello!'' rain said sweetly with a smile
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    Jace walked over to him/her "State your name" He asked, his voice firm but not unkind.
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    (I'd like to rejoin, please. [​IMG])

    Zebra padded around camp boredly.

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