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    Nice warm soft rays of sunlight shines through the trees, flowing onto the ground, a gentle breeze swirls around you. It warm you, swirling around like an everlasting piece of soft music. The forest is alive with song, the song of the woods, making its way around, you feel in you vibrating through you. Shadows of the sunlight flow through the branches, shake and dance with a beauty you have never seen before, flickering in the corner of your eyes. You ignore them, for doubt turns you away from the path to happiness in these woods. You concentrate on the soft, pale green grass underneath you swirling around your toes , swaying it the breeze. You get up and follow small and shallow stream, winding its way through the woods. You are walking, Walking with no thought, just walking , without any doubt that its it the right place , the place where you are supposed to be , the place where you have been since the beginning of time and yet all this seems new to you as if you have never been here before. You have been walking for an eternity, time has never existed. Your feet are sore from all those days yet now, is feels as if the happiness in the trees as taken away all your pain. Now you are light , happy and joyful. Yet you go down a path and you know, that you are getting closer to somewhere where you have been wanting to go to for your whole life. Around a small yet immensely beautiful rose bush you turn. Through half-closed eyes, you jerk your head up, defying the will to sleep. And you stop. A chirp escapes you, resonating through your body, warming you. Up ahead, it’s beautiful. The land has opened to a grove with wet, pebbly land, shimmering in the light of the sun going through the tree branches. The river gets smaller and flows onward. The land is covered with grass and plants someplace you just feel that that is the place you want to be, THE GREAT CAMP OF THE GROUNDCLAN CHICKENS… Ahhhh the paradise, the joy you feel when you are there, and you enter and just stay, stay in the wonderful place where is exceeds all your joy’s and imaginations…
    A Blue hen walks up to you and says "Hello and Welcome to Groundclan!"


    Common sense. ALL BYC guidelines and rules apply.

    - Use your head, and if you must, your eyes as well.

    - Use your common sense and respect.

    - Inactivity. Please participate, and have fun at it too. Chickens inactive for a period of more than a month will be deleted, unless a valid reason shows otherwise. And please do not join and then never come back again. It's disheartening and quite difficult to manage.

    - Practicality. Be realistic. A chicken cannot run into a bunch of foxes an come out unhurt. An apprentice cannot have a mate, a chick cannot defeat a senior warrior and a chicken cannot magically come back to life unless the one who controls the charactor that killed the chicken is okay with that.

    -Medicine chickens may have a mate, but no chicks.

    ] NEWS [

    >{M A T E S }<

    {S E A S O N} Leaf-Bare (Winter)

    {::~ Groundclan Territory~::}

    ♦GREAT WALNUT - An old Walnut tree growing beside the river, useful for training purposes. Often otters will reside near its roots.

    ♦THE OLD FEILD - A field growing wild with weeds, wildflowers and tall stalks of grass. Many herbs are found here. Plump mice also live there, however snakes may lurk.

    ♦THE STREAM- Full of life , it is quiet and calm yet ringing it is full of fish and other life. The stream is weaving at the south edge of the GroundClan camp.

    ♦THE ENTRANCE - A tunnel in the middle of the row of thorns that surrounds the Groundclan camp. Roughly the size of a two chickens, it is well hidden. Only sharp eyes and those accustomed are able to find it. It continues as a narrow, winding path to make sure that predators don’t come in.

    ♦ THE MEDICINE DEN- A small old cave that was form over the years, there are shelves and niches in the cave that are used to store herbs and there is a ledge in the ground that is used as a table and there is a couple of separate compartments that are used a rooms for the sick.

    ♦THE ROOSTING WILLOW- The place where Groundclan chicken sleep. It is covered very thickly with branches so that no on would even notice that any chicken was inside the limbs.

    ♦THE FOOD PILE- It is a very shallow hole in the center of camp, it can and will be evacuated in case of an attack.

    ♦THE GREAT ROCK- It is a white limestone boulder, where the clan leader make announcements and meetings.

    ♦ THE NURSERY- Made of woven bramble walls and is against a fallen tree, the nursery is always pleasantly warm and sheltered. Repairs must be made once every three moons.

    ♦THE TRAINING AREA- A sandy place where the apprentices train.

    ♦THE ARMOURY AND EVAC CENTER- As the title describes, a place where chickens go to in case of attack. All broodies and chicks will go there in time of war, the rest, who are able to fight will take up weapons and armour for the battle.

    Fill this out if you want to join the clan:

    BYC Username:

    NOTE: These names are in warrior format. No more Sunshine. Sunshineflower is how it goes. If you are a warrior you do Example: Owlflight, Leaffern etc.
    (Apprentices: ___Paw)
    ( Chicks: _____chick )


    BlueStar: A very sweet Blue Hen, with shades a white. She came from an old group of traveling chickens until she broke off from her tribe and settled her to make her clan. (crazyaboutchickens)

    LandFlight, a mixed breed hen with a pale sky-blue colour that reflects light when she flies. She is truly courageous and always tries to find a way to pull through any challenges she or her friends may face, although does not like to resort to violence. If she so chooses, her feathers can light up a surrounding area at night by reflecting moonlight. People say she was sent from an icy place up north (Chookies Rox)

    Cinderheart, a sweet and caring, Grey/Lavender orpington, who knows a lot about medicine, she used to be from ThunderClan and is named in memory of Cinderheart of the books. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Firefeather, a warrior bright red rooster with black claws. He is fiercely loyal, and will defend his clan from all invaders he is also very caring, can dig well and make fires. He was clanborn and follows the warrior code strictly. (Mikman)



    DomeurChick, a Male Cubalaya Chick with a pale white color with strange red eyes and no pigment. He is shy and nice when you get to know him he is also good at finding food. He was left on the side of the road after hatching, he was supposed to be the best looking rooster in his whole coop, the two-legs had a breeding project but he turned out albino. (duckluv)




    Charactors in StarClan:


    1. Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with chickens from other Clans, but loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.

    2. Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.

    3. Elders and chicks must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders.

    4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.

    5. A chick must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.

    6. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.

    7. A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.

    8. The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies or retires.

    9. After the death or retirement of the new deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.

    10. A gathering of all four Clans is held at the full moon during a truce that lasts for the night. There shall be no fighting among the Clans at this time.

    11. Boundaries must be checked and marked weekly. Challenge all trespassing chickens.

    12. No warrior may neglect a chicks in pain or in danger, even if that chicks is from a different Clan.

    13. The word of the Clan leader is the warrior code.

    14. An honorable warrior does not need to kill other chickens to win his battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or it is necessary for self-defense.

    15. A warrior rejects the soft life of chickiepet.

    (If you need help on the times of these moons, here is a site that will help: http://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phases_calendar.phtml )
    (And also if you have not read the books and need help on proper warrior etiquette, here; http://warriors.wikia.com/wiki/General_Clan_Information )

    Thank you MichealMay26 for allowing each of us to start a new clan and giving us a format to start our own.

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    Dec 2, 2009
    Name: Cinderheart
    Gender: hen
    Rank: medicine chicken
    Appearance: greyish, lavenderish
    Personality: sweet tempered, caring, doesnt speak very much
    Abilities: Very good medicine chicken
    History: Once part of ThunderClan
    Other: in memory in Cinderheart from the books [​IMG]
    BYC Username: ChickieBooBoo
    Breed(Optional): Lavender Orpington

    Can I be medicine chicken?
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    Suprise, Arizona
    Nice job! [​IMG]
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    Spartaclan, Fight for Freedom.


    Spartaclan is a clan that has remained hidden through the ages, most do their deeds saying that they are loners, and some are, so as the keep ties with other clans, but mostly they stay in contact with their their fort, lurking thorough the forest. SpartaClan also has several ranger camps throughout the forest as do their two allies; GroundClan and DartClan. Through the ages they have fought many wars and have lost none, although some may say they are ruthless fighters, they are also friends to those who do no harm. They are also the most fortified and self-sufficient clan in the area.


    Main Clan:

    ♦ The borders are full of wild rose bushes so thickly that no Ground invasion is possible, they also have many fatal traps in those areas, unknown to the average passerby. Surprise by air invasion also is nearly impossible for there are guards on duty that stay in the treetops on lookout 24/7.

    ♦ The leaders make their decisions on Threerock where they then announce their decisions to the clan warriors who then take messages to other camps if needed.

    ♦ An underground stream that is directed upward is their main source of water as it cannot be polluted as easily. There are also many species of fish living downstream.

    ♦ The Garden is their source of food in case of emergency, All other food supplies are foraged from areas not in their territories, but not in any other clans' either.

    ♦ Underground Reserves, SpartaClan also has an underground base. Its used as a storage space, emergency escape, arms and Armour hold and many more things.

    ♦ Medicine Den, This is quiet possible the largest med den in the area, all herbs, concoctions, potions, elixirs, and poultices were either grown and harvested fresh, or traded for from traders with access to faraway areas.

    Ranger Camps:

    All these Camps are made of small shelters, sleds with food and water supplies and are easily moved from one place to another.


    Forms are taken, if you want to fill it out. But explaining about your character while sticking to the basis of the description will do just fine.

    BYC Username:


    Council of four:


    Rhusmoon - Hare - She is a black hare of unknown history, although some say she used to be clan born from a clan across the sun drown place, they are all dead. She does not take any adjectives but is rather a shady hare altogether

    Rauwolf - Chicken - Although Rau has quiet the opposite personality compared to Rhus, they do get along quit well, for the benefit of the clan, if they have an argument about a subject, nothing is done about it. As for her fighting skills, need i say more apart from the fact that she is one of the daughters of Arrowrun?




    Buckthorn - Hare - A pure grey hare although is an avid fighter he tends to become a bit of a pest at times, his wonderful personality makes up for it.

    YouKou no Kitsune - Chicken - She is a hen of unknown origin and species. She talks only when she needs to, she keeps to herself and answers to nochicken except the leader herself.

    SageFlame - Chicken - He is a Buff orpington rooster. Although he is a somewhat slow fighter, he delivers his attacks with brutal accuracy and strategy. He is also the main part of the dawn foraging team.

    HareSping - Rabbit - Is sweet tempered, excellent forager and is white and brown. Has started the learn hare kick boxing techniques and is the only rabbit in the clan that can climb trees.. Used to be a member of WingClan.

    AshSky - Rabbit - Is a rather adventurous, completely gray Boxing hare who can dig faster then most rabbits and is the only rabbit in the clan that can swim. Used to be a member of WingClan.

    BrookNight - Rabbit - She stays quiet but loyal to whomever she feels attracted to, she is also more mottled than HareSpring and is a expert with camouflage. Her fighting skills are better then the others but still needs some work and is know for her kindness and generosity. Used to be a member of WingClan.

    Chivesky -

    Nerofly -

    Spurrye -

    VioletSpurr -

    Strawaxyle -

    Betapalm -

    Praxseal -

    Kernholly -

    Coughmint -

    Maydock -

    Elkhoof -

    Spurrhorn -

    Pinechef -

    Baytrail -

    Titrenut -

    Graycharr -

    Silverground -

    Springsun -

    Deerwing -

    Maplebranch -

    Medicine Warrior:

    Medicine Apprentice:

    Broodies and Mothering hares:

    VolaRose - Hare - She is a rather fidgety hare, great fighter, highly protective of her clan and definitely not at all talkative.


    Pepperpaw -

    Dawnpaw -

    Woodpaw -

    Crownpaw -

    Grasspaw -

    Lavapaw -

    Kernpaw -

    Sunpaw -

    Greenpaw -

    Mustardpaw -

    Elmpaw -

    Cloverpaw -

    Teapaw -

    Cedarpaw -

    Tymepaw -

    Chicks and kits:

    Snowchick - chicken - She is highly adventurous and at times mischievous Easter Egger chick.

    Bluekit - hare - highly pessimistic by nature and is rather quiet.

    (Still being written)

    Rogues: (Still being written)

    Loners: (Still being written)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:sure! i'll add you now!

    Thanks Birdnut!

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    Awesome! You have all the clan code in there too, that's so cool [​IMG]

    Name: LandFlight
    Gender: female
    Rank: deputy
    Appearance: A pale sky-blue colour that reflects light when she flies
    Personality: She is truly courageous and always tries to find a way to pull through any challenges she or her friends may face, although does not like to resort to violence.
    Abilities: If she so chooses, her feathers can light up a surrounding area at night by reflecting moonlight.
    History: People say she was sent from an icy place up north
    BYC Username: Chookies
    Breed(Optional): mix
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    Landlfight, what a neat name. 2 completely different terms lol

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    appearance:bright red with black claws
    personality:fiercely loyal, he will defend his clan from all invadersand is very caring
    abilities:can dig well, make fires
    other: none
    history: clanborn follows the warrior code strictly
    username: Mikman
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    Quote:Yep! The effect I was kinda aiming for... [​IMG]

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    'Good evening Firefeather,' LandFlight said, he feathers irridescing slightly.

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