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8 Years
Jun 29, 2011
Ireland :D
Hi i have 5 mixed chicken eggs in my brinsea mini advance incubator. Im on day 22
And i think they are all dead!! i know that their are 2 dead that didnt devlope. So there gone.
Now i have 3 left and i do see something when candling....
This is my second time hatching my last hatch died at the end of incubatoin...
so i tried again and i think i failed again!!
I dont know what going on!! has anyone else had a problem with this incubator!!
Thanks Shauna
Don't chuck them out yet, if the temp is running a bit low, they'll take longer to hatch. If they haven't hatched by day 25, candle them again and listen for peeping from the eggs too.
If you still can't tell then, fill a bowl with warm water, it needs to be deeper than the egg is long, if the egg floats with about 20-30% of the egg above water, there's a chance its still good so pat dry and return to incubator. Also, you should see ripples coming from the egg, don't leave it in the water too long but make sure you let the water settle to still after putting the egg in.
If it sinks, its a dud, if it floats really high, its got rotten and the gases are bouying it up.

I don't know how successful this is as its something that someone on here told me when I queried about my eggs being alive.

Good luck, fingers crossed that they hatch for you.
Thanks a million i think it can be successful but when i did it with my last batch at day 25 the test said they were alive but they must have died near hatching cause when i opened them there was a chick but it died
thabks shauna
give them time...I always wait at least 3-4 days after the "Due Date"...I always get surprises!
Am in the same situation, on day 22, candled and looked good, I always keep humidity slightly low but temp has been a little lower too for some reason this time - no idea why, nothing was altered on my incubator! I will wait until Tuesday......

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