1 - 10 week old Speckled Sussex in Columbia County NY


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7 Years
Apr 5, 2012
near Hudson, New York
HAVE - 1 Speckled Sussex Rooster to good home. Not big enough to process for my freezer, doesn't feel right just to cull him for bad behavior. He is just causing problems in my flock environment so must find a new home.

I've had him since 1 day old. He's a fast little bugger and skittish. Will do anything that the the other chickens do, ...even if it includes chasing the garbage truck (true story). He constantly picks on all my other birds. Loves the compost pile and will do anything to get into my pallet bin...can't always remember how to get out of it. Lots of white feathers coming in on him though, looks like he got hit in the face with a snowball!

In short, this boy need more attention, space and less demands (specifically the "stay out of the compost bin" "go back into your coop" "stop picking on everyone"...etc etc) than I can give them. He is a healthy bird, although are not happy here in my flock. Hopefully your flock is what he needs to be happy? I cannot wait for him to grow big enough to process myself because of the stress caused to my other birds. Willing to drive for pick up/drop off.

(Can post more pictures if wanted...)

Edited 5/17/2012 to remove 1 Roo from the listing. He's got a new family!
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