1 dead, 2 injured: How to catch a bully?


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Mar 24, 2010
So we got the 2 grown roosters AND all but 1 of the older-chick roosters out of the coop permanently, and we thought that'd be the end of losing chicks. That left 2 age groups in the pen, with the rooster (a RIR) from the older age group. One group is about 8 weeks old and the other group is 10 weeks old. HowEVER, we've lost 1 of the younger chicks yesterday, and 2 are injured today. Those 2 are in an "isolation ward", separately.

Every time I go into the coop, all seems well. No squawking, everyone evenly dispersed in the coop, and the mood appears calm.

How do I find out who's the bully/bullies? This HAS to stop. We cannot keep losing chicks like this.

BTW, the one that died had no visible injuries. The 2 that are injured have blood on the top of their head, and in addition the other one has blood on the back of the neck. Thanks in advance.
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Dec 15, 2011
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Watch them full time until the bullies show themselves. Not piratical for you, separate the younger chicks at least until they are bigger.


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Apr 30, 2012
You could set up a cheap video monitoring system. I know it might sound weird but I have used it in the past for things like keeping tabs on some items that were going missing from my shed. An even cheaper option is an old baby monitor if you are around during the day, you can run a cord plug it in and then listen to when the commotion starts and then get on out there.

Easier than taking time off of work or something similar.

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