1 dead rooster and 1 starting with same symptoms

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    I went out Friday night and noticed that my rooster was sitting off by himself. He appeared fine just sitting by himself. He did go in to roost that night sitting in his normal spot. When I got home Saturday evening he was dead. He was fine a few days before. Eating performing his roosterly duties if you know what I mean. Then today I noticed today one of my 4 month old pullets doing the same thing. Her comb is pale. I just did my second round of safeguard this week. Only has a preventive measure. It just happened so fast. I looked him over. No signed of trauma, no crust around his nose or beak and didn't notice any respiratory issues. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Do they have food and water available at all times? Are any being kept from food by the others? Has there been any diarrhea or any blood in the droppings? Check her crop for any impaction, and it should be full in the evening, and empty by early morning. Look her over for any signs of lice or mites. Make sure that she is eating and drinking--if not, put electrolytes in her water, give her a little chopped egg, and try to get her eating. Also check inside her vent an inch or so for a stuck egg.

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