1 Hen not feeling well??


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11 Years
Jan 11, 2009
Good evening all.....We have 5 hens that are seven months old,we had 6 but lost one to a hawk two weeks ago. They have been doing great. We have them in a 6'x8' coop at night but, they have a 25'x35' run that is net covered(now). They get layer feed and some scratch,plus all the "goodies" they get all day in their run and a 1 gallon waterer inside the coop and one outside in the run. They are outside from sun up to sun down everyday. Well, this afternoon we noticed one of the Girls was a little lethargic, she just goes for a while,then lays on the grass and goes to sleep. I don't know how to diagnose a chicken but, if she is "sick" how would we know, and will it effect her eggs, and us if we eat them? Any help will be appreciated....Thanks, Don

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