1 or 2 Ducks?


9 Years
Apr 16, 2014
I've got property..small farm size, 10 acres and woodsy.. The house sits on a 5 acre parcel with a 6 foot perimeter fence to keep out coyotes and other predators. We have slugs since we live in western Washington state ( very rainy at times). We want to get ducklings but no more than 2. Does one duck get lonely? And if we get 2 is two hens okay since we don't want hatchlings.
Yup, one gets lonely, two females sounds like a great idea. Predators come out of nowhere, especially at night, please protect them.

And our runners dropped the slug population here (at Mildew-On-The-Fog) I would estimate 80% or more in one year.

It is not easy to find slugs near the house anymore. We go on slug hunts in the wooded area.

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