1 out of 4 birds stopped roosting

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    Dec 19, 2014
    Hey all...I have 4 hens who are laying nicely. All seems "normal" but one of them decided that she doesn't want to get on the roost any longer. I go out there at night and she's sitting on the floor of the coop in the doorway, while the others are on the roost. If I shine a light in there sometimes she'll jump up and sometimes not.

    I don't think she's blind but maybe a little "off"? She's also the one that while the rest of the small flock is grazing in one corner, she's off in another corner in her own world.

    I haven't seen any signs that the others are beating up on her. It almost seems that she prefers the floor to the roost. No signs of mites and the others religiously are on the roost soon as it starts to darken.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

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    Two things to try.

    1) Increase roosting space by about 25%.

    2) Make so a little more light gets into coop / roost area at twilight as birds are getting onto roost. Lights going down to fast can cauase laggers to not be able to see well enough to fly up so they go back out where they can see as the sun goes down.
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    How long is your roost?

    Have you tried to put some scratch down and see if she can peck up the pieces ok?

    Have you observed them going to roost and see if maybe she's getting bullied a bit?
    They all scuffle and peck a bit at roosting time but...she may be low bird.

    Is she eating, drinking and pooping normally? She may be ill.

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