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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by crj, Jun 20, 2010.

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    Dec 17, 2009
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    I have 6 of the cutest fawn and white runner ducks. They will 7 weeks on Tues. I have a duck that quacks. Yippe! The rest squeek and one has a whistle. Now, I know I heard 3 ducks quack last week. Now nothing. I even vent checked them (first time doing it) and came up with 5 girls and 1 boy. Don't believe what you read about permanent marker.......... not true on ducks feet. No curl on any fannies. I'm hoping I have 5 girls and a boy or even all girls. I just can't take the suspense!!!!

    Hey, is it normal to have a duck that isn't too bright? I mean, a little on the off side. All the ducks will get in the pool with virtually no problem. This one duck just can't seem to remember how to do it even though it does it several times a day. This duck will look into the pool at everyone as if "How did you guys get in there?" It's the biggest duck of all of them. Also, it use to sit on it's knees. If that's what you call them. I found it funny since none of the other sat up like that. They either stood or laid down. The bird also can't figure out how to get out of the pool at times. He is always the last to do anything other then go to bed at night. He/she is healthy, looks great, you'd never know he was a little off just floating in the pool. Oh, sometimes he can't make a sound unless someone nips him in the buttocks. Sound will come out then. Funny little bugger. What are your thoughts? Have you had a duck like this?
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    I don't think I can help you as far as sexing them if they're quacking one week and whistling at you the next! [​IMG]
    I have an Indian Runner duck who didn't start quacking at all until she was 8 week old. She was peeping and even a little raspy like a boy, and then all of the sudden - "QUACK!". So, I'd give it another week and try voice sexing them again. Pick them up one by one and walk them far away from all the other ducks - far enough so that they start to get worried and complain. [​IMG]

    And who ever said ducks were bright? [​IMG]

    I've had ducks that couldn't figure out how to use the ramp to get into the kiddie pool - they'd watch the other ducks walk right up the ramp and plop into the water, and then they'd run around the pool in circles trying to figure out how they got in there. [​IMG]
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    I have two ducks out of 5 that how to use the ramp and can get in and out of the pool with no trouble. The other 3...shesshhh...idiots LOL
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    Thanks Annarie. Guess I will have to wait a bit. The whistle really cracks me up. I could swear there was someone in my yard but that is not the case....... LOL. It's almost as if they are testing their vocal cords to see what sounds come out of them. I suppose they haven't picked the sound they like to make just yet.

    Good to know I don't have the only duck that isn't quite up to par with the rest. Goofy bird just circles the pool trying to figure out how everyone got in. That bird will even stand on the platform staring at the rest of them and go back to walking around the darn pool in stead of hoping in. Go figure. He/she must have a reason...... [​IMG]

    Any one else have a runner duck sit on it's knees? He/she looked comfy.

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