1 Week Chicks not letting me hold them


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
Ontario, Canada
My chicks are 1 week old today, and won't let me hold them. I have been very gentle with them since the day i got them at 1 day old.
When they were 2 days old they would let me hold them for a short period of time. Since then i have tried being very slow with hand movements, putting food in my hand and letting them eat of it. They will even stand in my hands to eat the food. But as soon as i try to pick them up an hold them or pet them they panic and flap away

I would really like to be able to hold them while they are soft and cute and cuddly, and also to raise them as friendly chickens since they will be in our back yard.

Any suggestions ??
Follow their lead. Do only what they accept, like eating off your hand. Spend lots of time sitting with them. It can take a whole lot of patience to get them really tame.

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