1 week old chicks playing with paper towel

Chickn chick 46

10 Years
May 22, 2009
They are playing tag with the paper bits they tear off from the bottom of the brooder box. They have a grand ole time chasing each thinking they have something so incredible.

I change the towel 3 times a day just because it gets pretty messy, so its not like its old and torn up any way.

Is this boredom setting in? I'm not sure if they're eating it or not. Should I switch to shavings?

When can I take them outside to the grass? It only in the 70's or so here during the day

If they're bored with life after only 1 week of it then they're in trouble.
So cute! Mine are a lazy lot... I haven't noticed any "chickie games" going on in there. So funny how they "melt down" when they go to sleep.
My chicks like to play the same game! I am definitely switching over to pine shavings tonight when I go to clean the rubbermaid. I'm going through paper towels like nothing and I am looking forward to using the deep litter method. I am getting another 6 chicks on Wednesday so all 12 will be intermingling soon. Let the games begin........
They are not playing. They do that behavior with food or at least something they think is food. They run to keep the others from getting it. The others chase because their instinct tells them the running chick may have food. Be careful, they can die if they eat too much of the wrong thing. They may not eat it, but then again, they may try. I've seen quite a few chicks and chickens die from eating things they shouldn't have.
Playing "keep away" is a chicken thing that seems to start early! Hens will find a tasty bug, and instead of quietly eating it, they announce to the world that they have it, and then have to run like heck from the others to keep it (which they often don't)!

They are fun to watch.
I didn't think they were playing, my adults hens do the same thing. I've even seen them starting to "spar" with one another, early attemps at the pecking order.

I'm not real happy to see this but I think they may be eating some of it. I can take out the paper towels but they'll find shavings just as tasty I bet. Maybe just newspaper for now would be better.
i was new to this just a couple of months ago too , so i used an old bed sheet in the bottom of box. made it real easy to clean up droppings, only had to change sheet once a day. i would go in every couple of hours and use an old spoon to clean up droppings.
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Find some large flake pine shavings, walmart sells it, and switch them. You'll see them pick the shavings up to investigate, but I doubt they'll eat any of it. Newspaper tends to be too slick.
70 degrees is a little too cool for one week old chicks, IMO. Wait about another week. You'll have to watch them to make sure they aren't getting chilled.
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