1 yo - Russian Orloff, Silver Phoenix, Silkie - Roosters FREE to good home. West Michigan LP area.


9 Years
Jul 2, 2013
Michigan (USA)
I have 2 Russian Roosters, 3 Silver phoenix and one White Silkie rooster that need new homes. All are exactly one year old.

They are quite nice birds but I need to downsize and I have way too many roosters due to a hatchery mistake last spring. Things are getting rough in the pen now with all of them and the flock is deteriorating due to this overcrowding. These came from Privett and the silkie came from My Pet Chicken(He was also suppose to be a she). Given how nice looking and unique they are I thought I'd give them a chance to become a breeder or 4H pet for someone, especially given their good nature.

They are very friendly roosters, they don't attack or peck and you can hold them quite well. They have all been handled frequently by me personally.

If interested you can just PM me here on BYC, or if you like e-mail me at the link in the flyer below. I don't get notified for posts left here so please PM me if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks!


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