1 yr Buff Orps not laying


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Purchased six 1yr old, supposably laying, two moths ago. Purchased two Ameraucana at same time. The Ameraucanas are producing an egg every other day. The Buffs --NOTHING! They have a new coop, a 10x10 yard and are allowed to free range. We are providing recommended laying pellets with minerals. There appears to be a fair amount of feathers in their yard but they show no bald spots. How long should I wait before sentencing them to the "cooler"? They are eating way too much food to not be feeding our family! I've read about "new home" stress but shouldn't that have passed by now? Please any insight is appreciated.
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If they are losing feathers, it is possible that the change of environment has triggered an early molt. Check to see if they are loaded with pin feathers. If this is the case, they will not resume egg laying until they are done molting. The second possibility that I hesitate to offer is that they may be older than 1 year old and may have outlived their productive years. Hope that it is the first scenario.
If as was suggested they are in an early molt, you might want to try putting them on a higher protein diet. Too, I have one buff that is over two and she's not a great layer.

Hope all goes well

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Thank you for the info! I will check for pin feathers. I really hope that they are not aged out. I would prefer to believe that the people from who we purchased were honest in our dealings. This was an important first step for us in creating our new farmstead. Would be a shame to be scammed!
I have 2 buffs hatched July 2010. One buff started laying at 6 mos.
the other one has never laid, and it is 10 months now. But she sure is bossy.

The early layer also turned broody at 8 months and is raising chicks now.
I'm sure they are. It could just take them time to adjust. Some say molts can take months, though I've never have that happen. The health of the bird makes a difference and some have different feeding regemans, you know what I mean, I can't spell it right now.

I personally like to keep a mixed flock to increase my odds. Now if you NEED egg you might want to throw in a few laying machines. Golden Comets are good here. Just be aware of their age and dump them after they drop off.

I prefer Delawares and they seem to do fine. I don't recall where you are from.

Take care. Oh and it never hurts to pray.

I wish you the best

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