10+2 BBS Marans Hatching Eggs NPIP Auction

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    Up for bid is 10+2 hatching eggs from my BBS Marans pen. In this I have 6 black copper marans hens and 6 splash marans hens. They are covered my a black copper marans rooster and a splash rooster. Most all my black copper hens came from rockinpaints and 3 of the splash hens came from her. The black copper rooster came from board member graciemae. He is from her show stock. Her rooster took 2nd place last year at the show in Newnan and won the year before. He came from a very dark egg. The splash rooster and the other 3 splash hens came from a lady named Helen, cant remember her last name, she lives in i think Texas. They were hatched from 6-7s on the egg scale. Really dark eggs for splash. The eggs that I'm getting arent as dark as I would like. I would say they are close to a 4 but with the two rooster that I would say both hatched from 6 and up, it should help with the off springs a lot. Not sure which hens are laying.

    I'm NPIP and AI clean in the State of Al.

    Shipping is 15.00 with DC. Every egg is bubble wrapped.

    This auction will end on Sunday Feb 12th @ 8:00pm CST. The eggs will ship the 12th, 13th, or 14th.

    Pictures can be seen here.

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