10+2 Blue/Blue Splash Marans eggs-NOW NPIP & AI TESTED

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    Nov 29, 2009

    These can be picked up too. We are located 90 miles south of Lexington KY. shipping is priority mail.

    These are from our pen of Blue/Blue Splash Marans. Some are feathered some are not. You will get both.
    The lines are predominately Davis lines and were not achieved with Black Coppers. Coloring is very beautiful on these chicks we are getting. The pics below are some of the coloring you can expect to receive. They are full siblings to the ones that you will pick up.
    The adult birds are of the parents. We have been getting more Blues too in each hatch. Take advantage of the discounted price. They have been selling for much more. Our birds are laying like crazy! Soon the Blue hens will be taken out of this pen as we have a couple of Blue roos almost of age.

    We have a French Blue Splash Roo in with 2 Blue Splash and 3 French Blue hens. The eggs are not as dark as the black coppers and we are working on that with these birds. Our stock came from Prather Poultry.


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