10+ Brown Red, Lemon Blue, LB Splash Bantam Cochin eggs ~NPIP~


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Mar 18, 2008
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This is probably going to be 10+ eggs I got 5 eggs today If they stop laying by the time I have room in my incubator I am going to pluck their tail feathers...

Ok..It pains me to do this AGAIN ! ... my incubators still full, one with goose eggs, and I don't have any broody hens availabe..so here is your chance to get some beautiful bantam Brown Red, Lemon Blue, Lemon Blue Splash cochins. In a spirit of auction I am starting these off at 1.00 I may not offer these again unless I cannot make room for them in the incubators. Happy bidding !!

We'll see how this goes, I may add more eggs or I may just have to start up another incubator which I really do not want to do...You'd think 2 big cabinet bators would be enough to hatch with...LOL

I have LB and Splash LB roos over Brown red and Lemon blue hens, so possibility of getting all three varieties are possible.

I bubble wrap each eggs and then place them in a egg carton which is securely packed in a #7 Priority Mail box.Box will be marked FRAGILE. I think the larger box offers good protection and rarely have damages but, I DO NOT guarantee hatch-ability due to shipping and your incubation methods. Handling & Shipping(Priority Mail) $13.00...Please pay by Paypal after auction ends so that I can ship the eggs quickly. If you want me to send you a PayPal invoice you need to email or pm me your email address . NPIP # 64-1039 & US AI clean. Let me know if you need NPIP paperwork with the eggs. Check my other auctions . I will combine shipping when possible, but cannot hold eggs over to ship with another auction ending several days later, I want you to have freshest eggs possible. Thanks for looking ! Shipping only in U.S.

Payment is by PayPal to [email protected]
Brown Red

Lemon Blue chicks

Brown Red, Lemon blue, Lemon Blue Splash varieties

Lemon Blue

breeding group

Lemon Blue Splash
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No not yet...they are in yet another project, but they are laying up a storm..I have had to quit gathering the eggs with no room in put them in the incubator so I am just leaving them in the nest hoping they will go broody. After I hatch a few with this new project I will put the Partridge roo back in with his girls(it has been so long since he has been them he won't know what to do- but he better remember quick!
any pics of brown red chicks yet? my brown red hens were both black as chicks -- one had a penguin (white) belly, and the other was completely black. figures that the one that was FULL black as a chick has the most beautiful golden colored breast and neck. i wonder if you have noticed this in your hens.
Not yet,
I still have a few eggs baking, they started laying after the lemon blues..go figure
I just remember they were very dark (black) chicks.
Sorry rnorris,
I couldn't resist. I have seen these birds in person and wanted them bad. Hey, meant to tell you that the girl i got from you has been laying.
Sorry rnorris,
I couldn't resist. I have seen these birds in person and wanted them bad. Hey, meant to tell you that the girl i got from you has been laying.

Great. I'm glad for you.
I was going to spend your money toward buying these eggs. My roo really needs a girlfriend.

Ahhg. I am so upset... I was planning on bidding (and winning) this auction... But i thought it was much earlier. I just noticed it is WELL after the auction ended. I think i'm gonna cry! I am not having good luck with your auctions for these!
i really wanted to set these with my splash frizzles this weekend. I just should have bid hours ago instead.

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