10+ Buff Laced/Gold Laced/Blue Laced Gold Brahma Day Old Chicks, NPIP Certified (Auction: Ends Apri


9 Years
Dec 2, 2010
This auction is for 10+ Buff Laced/Gold Laced/Blue Laced Gold day old chicks. These chicks will hatch on Monday, April 29th, and will ship Express Mail on the same day for a flat rate of $50.00 unless you elect for pick-up. Pick-ups must be made within one (1) week of hatch date. If you order other chicks from us on the same date, there will only be one flat rate of $50.00 for all chicks ordered, no limit. Check out chicks available at our website or check our other auctions to make a great deal on this combined shipping.

Brahmas in general are considered a utility bird for their edibility and generous egg laying and hardiness even during the winter months. The average weight of roosters is 11 pounds where the hen’s average weight is 8.5 pounds. They lay an average of 140 tinted eggs annually. Brahmas are calm, friendly birds that make good pets or exhibition fowl. They are a popular choice for families with children. They have been very easy to raise and make a rather quiet and beautiful flock.

The distinct difference between the well know Light and Dark Brahmas and these are their beautiful feather plumage. Our Brahmas are made up either directly from Dan Powell stock or second generation stock at most. Our first flock consists of 2 Gold Laced Brahma roos over Buff Laced Brahma hens and Blue Laced Gold Brahma hens and our second flock is a Blue Laced Gold Roo over Gold Laced hens. The resulting chicks from the first flock will be either Buff Laced, Gold Laced or Blue Laced Gold while the chicks from the second flock will be either Gold Laced or Blue Laced Gold. The reason for our decision to cross the different color varieties did not come easily. The Buff Laced Brahma would have to be our favorite color and the one that Dan Powell was aiming for when he started this project, but after careful research, we discovered that in this stage of the project, breeding only Buff Laced Brahmas would result in 80% Buff Laced Brahmas and 20% Gold Laced Brahmas. It was the introduction of these secondary color varieties that gave the Buff Laced its color trait and when bred without further input from the other lacings, the Buff Laced Brahmas chicks slowly begin to lose their buff laced appearance and begin to exhibit greater patches of white on the wing and saddle feathers. In order to bring you beautiful birds with truer lacing, we have decided to continue using the other color varieties. We have saw numerous examples of the resulting offspring from our flocks and they are beautiful.

We are NPIP Certified and have had our flocks tested for both Avian Influenza and Pullorum. We also offer a guarantee on our chicks, though shipping charges are nonrefundable. Please see our website at www.taylorhobbyfarms.com for more details and testimonials or pm us with questions.

This auction will end Saturday, April 20th at 9:00 p.m. EST. Please bid by reply to this post. Bidding starts at $50.00. Shipping charges of $50.00 (Express Mail) are not to be included in the bid price and will be added to the winning bid. Paypal payment must be made within twenty-four (24) hours of the close of auction by payment to [email protected] Thanks for looking!

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