10 Buff Orpington, standard BBS Cochin, or Dominique chicks - can ship tomorrow


11 Years
Sep 19, 2008
Northern Central Virginia
I have 10 Buff orpington or 10 BBS standard Cochin or 10 Dominique chicks ready to ship tomorrow!

The Buffs are a nice, correct flock with a few dark colored hens to maintain a nice deep Buff color. I have 2 roos in with 12 hens. These girls lay JUMBO light brown eggs all year round. Great dual purpose breed.

The Cochins are Blue, Black, & Spalsh hens in with a Splash, a Blue, and a Barred roo. Chicks from this flock have been shown and done well.
They lay large brown eggs and are great brood hens able to easily set 14+ eggs at time. Super to use to hatch your more expensive eggs, we use them on Peafowl eggs.

The Dominiques are mostly SQ/BQ with 14 hens and 3 roos in the flock for diversity. They lay a large lt brown egg all year round. This is the ORIGINAL barnyard dual purpose breed that the pioneers took westward. Super calm disposition.

These are sold straight run, shipping is cost of Express shipping and $6 for box and includes heat pad (if needed)and gro-gel. PM or email me your zip code for the cost of shipping. [email protected]

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Yes the BBS are all together and that is what is included in this listing. I do have other cochins (white standard, partridge standard, barred standard, mottled bantam, and project mottled standard) in separate pens. (The barred, except the one in the BBS pen, are from you :) )

Shipping to 44280 is $28 + $6 for box, heat pad, grogel etc....


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