10 chickens in a coop


May 1, 2018
i have ten chickens I will be placing in a coop and run I’m getting this week. I have one rooster and one chick that is about 8 weeks old amount those 10. I won’t put the chick and it’s mom in the coop just the 7 hens and one rooster. I will have them there as permanent cool and run . Before I give dementions of the run. What would you do for that many chickens? Also I will have 3-4 nesting boxes. Is that enough for about 8 hens?
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Rule of thumb for coop size is 4 square feet per chicken. All that of course does take different factors into consideration. Your location is key to it. You can get by with a smaller coop since your chickens will only utilize the coop to sleep and lay eggs. Your chickens will most likely not be confined to coop for extended periods. I am assuming that you have a run provided for them. That is where they will most likely spend most of the day.
3 nesting boxes are sufficient for your number of hens. You will see that most likely ALL will be using one or two of the nestings anyways.
General rule is 4 sq ft per chicken in the coop, 10 sq ft per chicken in the run. More if they are very large breeds like brahmas or jersey giants.

I was planning a coop that was probably about 3 sq ft per chicken with plans to expand in the spring (mine are just pullets now), but I went bigger and I'm glad I did. The weather here isn't always great so there are some days they spend a lot of time in the coop by their choice. I feel better knowing they have room to put their food and water inside, and they can still move around happily.

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