10 Commandments for keeping chickens/10 reasons for raising BYC


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I found this in the archived articles of Acres USA magazine. I found it to be useful information. Of course I had to share it with ya'll.


About raising chickens in extreme weather , I have a question . I live in the deep south and it gets hot . I have 14 chickens that give me eggs and I enjoy tending to them . We have bonded . I do not plan on getting rid of my birds in July , but I can put a large shop fan on them and they are in shade . So , I guess i am in violation correct ? They are not for meat either . Just curious . Thank you .
Thanks a ton for posting those two articles. A lot of good points there, especially the confirmation of raising CX's for meat. We just processed more than 50 CX's this weekend and have one refrigerator full along with the top shelf of another. This is for seven week old birds. In addition, we processed a Speckled Sussex roo than turned mean. After being pecked by him, our three year old daughter told me to "put that mean ol' rooster in the pot an' cook 'im!" The difference in carcasses was dramatic. While the SS is a dual purpose breed, it is not the amount of meat of the CX.

Again, many thanks.

As far as not keeping chickens through extreme weather, I think that really is meant towards meaties rather than egg layers.
to: CarriageStone ,
Thanks for that clarification , naturally I wouldn't want any animal to suffer , but that particular commandment kinda threw me . Again thank you !

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