10 day old bantam d'uccle swollen knee joint & limping - please help

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    about 4-5 days ago I noticed the chick was laying down a lot and limping when she walks. Two days ago I noticed her "knee" joint was a bit larger than the leg she will put weight on. She still eats and drinks, but she's not growing near the pace of the other chicks. She's gorgeous and sweet and I want to do right by her. Please let me know what I should do to treat her.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Try separating her with one other chick (for company) in the brooder (so that she can hear her brooder mates and so she can be near the heat source). Rest is one of the best possible things for lame birds. Make sure she has access to fresh, clean water, chick starter, and chick grit. Sorry I can't be of more help.[​IMG] I really hope she gets better soon and...[​IMG]!! Make sure you go introduce yourself in the New Member forum!!
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    Welcome to BYC. It would be good to see a picture of her standing straight on. Leg bone deformities can be common in chickens, and a slipped tendon can be one of the many. Varus valgus deformity, twisted tibia, tibial dyschondroplasia are some of the others. Many are due to manganese or other mineral deficiencies in the parent stock. Most of these are not easily treated. Splinting is done by some, and surgery may be done by a few. Some of the deformities can result in a blowout of the hock tendon as the chick grows. Some will try and let the chicks grow up and "wait and see" if they can live a fairly normal life in a small flock with a little extra TLC.
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