10+ Duck Hatching eggs~~Pekin, Rouen, mixed

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    Up for bids are 10+ eggs from my free-ranging flock of ducks. I have 7 pekins, 4 rouens, and 2 runners. The pekins are 2 drakes (1 crested) and 5 ducks. The rouens are 1 drake and 3 ducks (1 duck is crested). The runners are a blue drake and Fawn & White duck. You could hatch pure or mixed ducklings.

    Currently, the F&W Runner, 1 of the Pekins, and 2 of the Rouens are broody. 2 of the Pekin ducks are mated to the Blue Runner drake; another Pekin is with the non-crested Pekin drake; the fourth Pekin and the Rouen duck are with the Rouen drake and the crested Pekin drake. You should get eggs from all 5 ducks.

    Due to postal handling and your incubation techniques I cannot guarantee your hatch. What I can guarantee is that you will receive 10 fresh, fertile eggs suitable for hatching. If you receive less than 10 eggs suitable for hatching I will replace them provided you pay shipping. I rarely have breakages and send extras when available.

    Payment by Paypal instant payment preferred. However, I can accept Paypal e-checks, personal checks, or money orders if you wish. The eggs should ship the following day (M-Sat.) after receiving cleared payment.
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