10 hr duckling acting like something caught in throat **HELP**

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    Sep 2, 2010
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    She's been totally fine since she hatched. Drinking a bit, but not excessively, not eating much, and just checking on them before I went to bed. She keeps lifting her head up and opens and closes her bill and shakes her head like there is something caught. I managed to look down her throat briefly with a flashlight and see nothing in there.

    Tried to massage her crop or feel something, but everything seems normal to me....

    Forget about bed now. I don't know what to do!!!!! She is drinking, but she's so tired and keeps trying to fall asleep and then has to shake her again. She's also peeping, but not as much as the day old duckling. They are on towels, no shavings yet.

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    Just saw this. How is it doing? Can you drop a small amount of water with a dropper in it's mouth? A very small amount. You can add a little sugar in its water for energy.

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