10+ Lemon Blue split hatching eggs

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    Jun 4, 2010
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    Offering 10 (plus extras as available) from my breeding pen of Bantam Cochins. The rooster (named Monet) is a splash Lemon Blue (gold birchen based) and he is in a pen with 2 splash hen and 2 blue hens. I do not show the birds, but they each come from good breeder stock with good feathering.
    It has been a long summer of broody hens, so I have not had eggs to offer in quite a while, but now they are laying well. I have been hatching for about a month and the fertility has been very good. My bator is full and I have eggs to sell. May hatches have been very good. However, please understand that I cannot guarantee any hatch rate for you. I will send extras to help compensate for anything that might happen due to shipping, etc. I will pack each egg carefully and mark the box as fragile, etc. The eggs will be fresh - only a a couple days old and shipped priority mail, to offer you the best opportunity for a successful hatch.
    Please contact me with any questions and I will do my best to answer them for you.
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    Looks like your rooster has muffs. Does he pass that trait on to his children?


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