10+ LF Barred Black (& Blue) Olive Egger Hatching Eggs -Ship March 8th


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
10+ Large Fowl Barred Black (and Blue) Olive Egger Hatching Eggs -Ship March 8th

My beautiful Large Fowl Olive Eggers were hatched from eggs from onthespot... so she deserves all the credit for creating these unique and awesome birds we have... we just LOVE them. We have a super sweet Black Barred Rooster "Popeye" in with 6 Black Barred Hens and 1 Blue Hen (so there is the chance of hatching a blue barred).

Here are some pictures of our Olive Eggers... eggs, chicks and all grown up



The eggs will be sent via Priority Mail. They will be individually bubble wrapped and packaged with tons of care and extras will be sent. I will do my very best and I will package them the way I would want to receive them. All eggs will be clean, unwashed & fertile when shipped. Due to so many variations in incubators, hatching practices, the Post Office, etc I cannot guarantee the hatch rate.

Please Note - before bidding that when you bid on these eggs you agree that, if you win, you will SUBMIT YOUR PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE AUCTION ENDING so that eggs can ship out in a timely manner.

If you have any questions / concerns or are interested in pre-ordering / reserving eggs, please send me an email at (hipeatall @ gmail.com) or PM me.

Thanks so much for your interest! Amy

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