10 Week Old Ancona Ducks

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    Jun 4, 2011
    I have 2 lovely Anconas I need to rehome. PICK UP ONLY.
    I purchased a trio of ducks several weeks ago. My plan was to get 3 ladies from one breeder, and a drake from another.
    It quickly became clear I had 2 drakes... Unfortunately the drakes are competing too much and I am concerned as they reach true sexual maturity it will become even more problematic. The drake is very nice & protective of the duck I got from the original breeder (these are breeder stock, not hatchery Anconas) and they are thick as thieves. I think they would make a lovely pair.
    They are friendly, but not quite hand tamed. They will eat from my hand but are not what I would call "cuddle ducks". They don't range too far from their enclosure, are great foragers, reasonably quiet and love their peas & really love when my musician friends come over & we all play out on the porch. They come & quack along, stand in the middle of the jam & shake their tales. [​IMG]
    I am sad to see either of them go, but after much soul searching have decided I can't do any of the other alternatives. I won't sell separately, although I would like to keep the duck, because they really are very attached to one another.
    I can provide more photos on request (lots more!) and care & handling instructions. I would prefer to see them go to someone on BYC, as I think most users here are responsible owners. I would be willing to consider some trades, depending on what you have to offer, and will meet you in the Portland/Freeport/Lewiston/Topsham area at no extra cost. I am flexible as I am mostly concerned with finding a good home for them than anything else.
    They have been on OrganicLife grower crumbles since my feed store refused to order mazuri for me- not enough profit for them. They are healthy, happy & would be a wonderful addition to your farm/family.
    Thanks for looking!

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