10 week old brahma chicks are thin


13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
I have 8 Brahma chicks that are 10 weeks old. I picked them up yesterday and they were thin. I keep chick starter/grower in their coop 24/7. I have been useing ADM feed. Should I change brands? If not what else should I be feeding them. They are in a new coop that other chickens have been in and I haven't turned them outside yet with the other hens so I don't think they are wormy.
What is the protein % on what you are feeding? Have they been sick in any way? At that age, besides worms, a low level case of coccidia would be something to think about, even if they haven't been in contact with other chickens. Brahmas do tend to be gangly, not chubby like some breeds, but they usually are good eaters.
The feed is 18% protein, 3% fat. Their stools are normal and they seem to be eating fine. They are active and alert. They are big, as big as my Leghorns right now. Maybe they're just growing.
I'll bet they're just fine. they're starting that teenager phase and they can look pretty crappy, but so can a 7th grade boy! Your feed sounds good, they're active.....brahmas can just take a while to mature, but man do they get big!
Ya, adolescent brahmas are usually described using words like stork, giraffe, and dinosaur, so it is probably the teenage gangly phase. Joshua G mentioned TSC's Dumor, they do make a 20 & 24% protein chick starter if you want to up it a little bit.

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