10 week old Rooster died-was fluffy, listless, and had yellow diarrhea yesterday-What about everyone


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We have 5 pullets the same age that were kept in the same coop. Our year old layers are in another coop, there are 7 of them.

The 10 week old chicks are on medicated crumbles. The older girls are on a layer pellet. However all of the chickens have access to both. The little ones could get into the coop and the older girls were getting into the house where we are keeping the little ones. Everyone free ranges in our large backyard all day.

Yesterday morning, of course on a Sunday, our Salmon Faveorelle would not come out of the chicks coop. He then came out only to drink but was very unstable and pooped but it was very runny and yellow. He went back in and laid in a corner, feathers fluffed out and dozed on and off.

We use straw in both coops. All the chickens have access to water.

I gave him pedialyte throughout the day. He relocated a couple of times when another chicken would get too close.

By the evening his breathing became more labored his wings were slumped down and right before bedtime he was breathing heavily and his beak was open.

Through reading It seems his symptoms point to coccidiosis and I called around but could not find any corid, only sulmet. Do we need to treat our older girls too?? Do we keep an eye on everyone and then treat if we notice anything? Could it have just been a fluke? He was smaller than the other chicks and much slower developing but we figured it was because he was a he. Darwin?

We're thinking about locking up the younger girls with the sulmet water for a few days so the big girls can't get to it. I don't want to unncessarily treat but I don't want to lose anymore!

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