100 coturnix eggs/jumbo&pharaoh/variety of colors/FREE SHIPPING

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    100+ coturnix eggs, all are less than a week old. Price includes shipping, west coast and AK bidders please add $2
    This is a one-time-only sale, if you are interested please use the BIN button and send payment to [email protected]

    I have 5 different pens of coturnix. Following is a breakdown of the pens:

    (Pens #1-#3 are pharaoh sized birds)

    Pen #1: Dark tibetan tux male with 1 red, 1 dark tibetan, and 1 dark tibetan tux females.
    Pen #2: 1 White male, 1 rosetta male with 2 white females.
    Pen #3: Rosetta tuxedo male with 2 rosetta and 1 rosetta tux females.

    (Pens #4 & #5 are mostly jumbo birds)

    Pen #4: 1 jumbo brown male with 5 jumbo brown and 1 jumbo cinnamon females.
    Pen #5: 2 jumbo golden, 1 jumbo brown, 1 white, 1 cinnamon males with 13 jumbo golden, 1 jumbo brown, 2 white, 1 cinnamon, and 1 tibetan tux females.

    I get between 18-24 eggs daily, mostly from the jumbo goldens' pen.


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