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Okay everyone. here are the rules

1. Post a picture of your most favorite pet bird of all time.
2. Do not post unless you have a picture with it, all none picture posts will be deleted
3. We are going to get to 100 posts/pictures by 1 week. If BYC has 50,000 members we can get 100 to post!
4. Tell us why that picture you posted is your favorite bird.

I will start. These are my first birds and the very first one that I hatched has been my favorite since it is my first. I am only keeping hens however and I am not yet sure what these guys will be but for the time being this one is my favorite.
He/she is the top left one. These are bantam barnevelders at 2 weeks old!

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Oooh, I'm the first to post! Cool! Here is my Bantam Barred Cochin hen Petunia. She was one of my first birds in my order from Cackle Hatchery last April, and I absolutely ADORE her. She is snuggly and loveable, and you couldn't ask for a nicer bird. And she is so very soft!

Oh goody...I'm not at the tail end of a thread like I usually am

This is Buffy, our light brahma hen. She is one of our original 12 layers that we got as chicks from the feed store 2 years ago. She is just the sweetest thing...and a HUGE pig for the treats!! It looks like I'm getting the stink eye in the pic but she was probably thinking the camera was something to eat!!


This is Hermione, my silkie cross. I love her colouring and the fact that all her feathers are laced.
She was broody when I took this and should have been really grumpy, but wasn't! She never even swore at me in all the 5 weeks thqat she was broody!!!
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My dear baby Speckles; always in my heart, even if no longer here with me.


This shows Speckles at the gate to her "day pen run". This was built to give her extra room to roam during the day (when she was not inside the house with Mom and Dad) and was covered with bird netting and chicken wire. It was attached to her "secure run" which was covered with wire and had wire dug into the ground all around the perimeter. This was attached to her coop which was surrounded by all of the above and had it own door which was locked tight each night. Whenever she heard the back door open during the day she would run to this gate, knowing someone was either headed her way with a treat or maybe (joy! joy!) she would get to go for a bug hunt with Mom or Dad!!! If we happened to be outside for some reason other than to bring treats to the chicken, she would quickly make her dissatisfaction known with a variety of heart rending "baaaaawks"! If that didn't work, she would throw herself flat on the ground by the fence closest to us as if to say "Please, please, please I promise to be good if you will just let me out of here!!!" Typically, she would convince us to adjust our schedules to meet her more important needs!! We miss her SO much.
I have two favorites! Sorry I just can't decide who I love more

It's between Foxy Brown (seen here immediately following Yogurt Fest '09):

And Pecky Le Pew, my sweet girl (who is also my biggest chicken bully but whatever, she loves me!):

You'll have to excuse my extremely bloated face in that second picture. I was very heavily pregnant! lol
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Oh oh me me!!!! Look at Tawnbomb in all her glorious EEness!!!


She is my favorite (and my brother's) because she is like a dog (we even call her doggie), friendly and will follow you anywhere!! (at least, until she gets distracted by something; she is a very curious chicken!) I just love her!!!

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