11 days no food or water

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    Mar 18, 2019
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    we had a Cochin hen go missing while we were away for 3 days. Had a friends son tending our flock. The poor thing had fallen between a 3 1/2 X 14 inch space in the chicken coop. Did not find her till today 11 days later a few times I heard noises in that area of the coop and would inspect but never saw her and thought the sounds were being heard from under the coop. We got her out and amazingly she started to drink immediately!! I have her in a separate pen to recover. She has her food and water and is preening herself as her feathers were quite a mess. She appears Very stuff but doesn’t have broken bones thankfully. I feel it’s a darn miracle she survived and I’m so happy and feel horrible for what she went through. We immediately fixed and covered any spot in the coop that we felt could be an issue. We are new to chickens so any advise on what to do for her and what to look for would be appreciated. I’m so happy and thankful to have her back safe now.

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    That is amazing! I wouldn't let her over-eat right away, it might make her sick or impact her crop. But free access to water. And make sure she doesn't get picked on in her worn down state. Poor baby! I can't go three hours without anything to eat or drink!
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    Oh my goodness!!

    Do you have any nutridrench?

    Maybe soft foods as they are easier to digest. Boiled egg, canned mackerel, even canned cat food but go easy on the cat food and fish they are super high in protein.

    @Texas Kiki any advice here?
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    Non captive Poultry can survive in the wild without conventional feeds and treats as longs as there is an abundance of insects and low lined ground that can contain standing water. Even if water is scares, Insects cans hydrate them if they are plenty full.
    Captive animals are TOTALLY dependent on humans to maintain them while incarcerated.
    BUT human containment protects them and eliminates threats from predators whom wish to interrupt their unsecured roost and stomping grounds. So obviously, securing them and nurturing them has a higher success rate.
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    Don't over feed her for a week or so, limit it to less than normal even, slowly increasing. You can soak her feed to help digest. If you can keep her isolated over grass where other chickens have been recent, it will help get her bacteria balance corrected. Electrolytes in the water would help overall too. Best of luck, hope she makes it.
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    Poor thing!
    I agree with the others, let her have access to water. If you have them, electrolytes for a few hours or direct dose her with Poultry Nutri-Drench or similar poultry vitamins.
    I would also limit food and let her slowly fill her crop. Her normal feed with a treat of egg would be good.

    It would be a good idea to check her well for any cuts/bruises. Since she is soiled, I would also give her a clean up if she's alert. Dry her well, you can even blow dry her, she might enjoy that.
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    :popkeep us updated please?
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    How is she doing today?
  9. Quackter

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    May 15, 2019
    I am no vet, and with utmost respect, I would check for wounds, but I wouldn't go cleaning her up. Just to not add any stress. Could leave her a dust bath? The if she wants she can get it. Just because I have been guilty of overlooking it multiple times, when hatching or rehabilitating, it's good to let them have a shallow open pan of water so they can wet feathers and preen as they like. We use nipple waterers, homemade, so they are plentiful to grab, easy to miss when something different is needed.
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    Wow, that's quite an adventure that she had. I'm hoping that she is still doing well today, so lucky that you found her.

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