11 Week Died?


Jun 28, 2021

I have 10 Ameracauas, all 11 weeks old...I had one rooster whose bum feathers seemed a bit caked with poop. I also noticed he wasnt moving around and that his comb became very pale.

We removed him from the coop to try to clean up his bum and while having him aside, he died.

Could this be worms? How do I treat? Do I need to treat the entire flock?
Did you see worms on his caked rear?

At 11 weeks old there really shouldn't be caking of the vent.
What do you feed including treats and how are the chicks housed?

Photos of chicks, housing and poop may be helpful.
No worms that I can see, yellowish diherrea with some green chunks ish?

We have beeb doing chick feed (unmedicated) I dont have a photo of the coop at the moment, we just moved them out into a larger coop with a run.

I was thinking maybe Coccidiosis? We are just out getting some medicated food now
If you suspect Coccidiosis, then it would be best to get some Corid and begin treating all the chicks.
Liquid Corid dose is 2 tsp or Powdered Corid dose is 1 1/2tsp mixed in 1 gallon of water.
Give for 5-7 days as the only source of drinking water.

Medicated feed contains a very small amount of Amprolium, it will not treat an outbreak.
Just a little update!

We have done medicated food and some apple cider water. None of the others in the flock seem to be ill at all.

We are thinking maybe the heat caused this one to pass away? We have added a fan to the coop and 2 water sources to keep them as hydrated and cool as we can.
Also, we are in canada and cannot get Amprol or Corid without a vet but my husband travels to the US for work and got Corid..

Should we treat to be safe?

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