12+ Bearded Blue/Splash Silkie Eggs

Three Cedars Silkies

11 Years
Apr 17, 2008
Gainesville, Fl.
Up for your consideration are 12+ hatching eggs from our blue/splash silkie pen. In this pen are 10 lovely girls courted by equally handsome splash and blue males. Most of the girls could be picked up, bathed and taken to a show. We have been quite selective in choosing the birds that we want to add to our breeding program and are so pleased that one of our splash pullets won Best of Variety in the recent Florida Sunshine Classic!

We are NPIP and AI certified. This is a Paypal auction (no Echecks) and our address is [email protected] Please be prepared to pay as soon as the auction closes as the last of these will be collected today and ready to ship tomorrow.





Pretty Pretty!

Judy, You have some of the prettiest splashes I have ever seen... LOVE the color.

Now that I bid, are these regular silkie sized bantams or more of a pocket size?
Reason I am asking is of the 5 I have Shrek has grown very little. He is the tiniest rooster. I would prefer the regular size silkies so I wouldn't have to worrie about them so much as far as the flock goes.

Have to admit it is funny watching Shrek try to get something started with Cinnimon the partridge silkie. Cinnimon is 3 timed bigger then Shrek. It is Shrek's fiestiness that makes me worry about him. Was gonna intergrate the Silkies into the main flock but have decided to get them a coop of their own. I need more girls as 3 to 2 boys is not enough.
I wouldn't not call most of the splash and blue girls diminutive. Not tiny...not huge. To me they are exactly what the standard calls for in a bantam.

I meant to list this as a 1 day auction but missed changing that on the listing so they will go out on Friday.

We are battling the "broodies" around here. We are rotating them in and out of the "broody jail" in the coop. If we catch it quickly it usually on takes about 2-3 days...longer for some of the more determined hens!!
Yeah even my smallest Silkie girl is bigger than poor Shrek. I honestly think he has some kinda stunted growth thing going on. Shrek thinks he is one tuff cookie though.

I really love the Silkies. You have some very nice ones.
AWE....... Jen has out bid me. Over my budget.

To be sporting, grats to the winner as these silkies look absolutely adorable.

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