12+ Brightly Colored Ancona Duck Eggs Presale

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    This is a presale for 12+ Ancona duck eggs. If you are interested in these eggs then send a PM or email and I will place your name on the reserve list.

    Anconas are a rare breed of "paint" colored ducks, with no two individuals ever being alike. If you want more variety in your flock, and want the ability to easily tell each of them apart no matter where they are in your yard, then you can't go wrong with these.

    They are a dual purpose breed, traditionally used for both meat and egg, laying a white or off-white/tinted egg. As with all waterfowl eggs, they are fantastic for baking, giving your breads fluffier and your cookies crisper.

    Anconas free range fairly well and will dabble through your yard, gobbling up ticks, slugs, and mosquito larvae. When given the chance, they will happily munch on Japanese beetles and other pests. We will put the ducklings in our garden (supervised) and let them scurry through the plants, happily devouring any insect they come across.

    My flock consists of Black and Blue hens, with one lightly marked Blue drake and the addition of one heavily marked Tri-Colored drake. This combination should give you a wide range of colors, instead of having to settle with just the Black variety, which tends to be the most common.

    These eggs should be ready to ship out by March, but may be a little sooner depending on how quickly the girls are in full swing. I will contact the winner a week or two before the eggs are ready to send out to confirm a good time to send them to you. At that point you can accept the eggs then, or can give me a date that works best for your schedule.

    If you have any questions about this flock then please let me know.

    Shipping is a flat $15. I do combine shipping when possible with the other hatching eggs I have available. I can currently only ship one order of Ancona eggs at a time, so if you reserve any other Ancona eggs they will have to be shiped out later on. If this changes and the girls lay more than I expect them to I will let everyone know in advance to see if they want to have a double-order sent out at once.

    Below are four pictures of one of our Tricolored Ancona drakes along with more information about his coloring and pattern:

    This is a head shot. The markings on his head are solid black.


    This is a frontal view to show off the markings on his breast. He doesn't have heavy markings, but he does have color in his "bib" area, which is one of the things I breed for. The scattered markings are blue. In this picture, his shoulder looks chocolate - it is. A closer look at the feathers down below will show that better.


    This is a back shot of him. You can see the strong patch of Chocolate on his shoulder, then the Blue down his back. I really don't like having this much color on the back (it makes them look too much like a poorly marked Magpie), but I was too smitten with everything else about him to hold it against him. His wing looks bizzare because he was in the process of shuffling during the picture.


    And this is a close up of some of his shoulder/back feathers. The smaller picture doesn't come out as distinct as I wish it did, but it still shows the assortment.


    I would be tentatively interested in doing an egg trade for the following hatching eggs (no hatchery stock, please):

    Silver Grey Dorkings
    Blue/Wheaten Ameraucanas
    Norwegian Jaerhons
    Rose Comb Brown Leghorns
    Delawares (must be large heritage stock)

    Midget White Turkey
    Crimson Dawn/Black Wing Bronze Turkey

    Blue/Black/Splash Indian Runners (must have the upright "beanpole" build)
    Welsh Harlequins (SQ or from SQ/Holderread lines)
    Black East Indies

    American Buffs

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