12+ Buff Orpington Eggs NPIP Flock!

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    <AUCTION> 12+ Buff Orpington Eggs NPIP Flock
    ENDING (Sunday) 2-5-12 AT 5PM CST
    Will Ship Monday 2-6-12
    PayPal Payment to [email protected] due at the end of Auction

    Starting price is $10 and increments of $1
    Shipping is $15. Pick-up is available

    Reply to this thread with your bid! Please do not PM your Bid

    Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

    My hens are laying great! I have a 95%+ hatch rate here and there is 1 Rooster over 5 Hens and 2 7 month old Pullets.

    We Ship the eggs in a 12x12x8 Priority Box . Each egg is wrapped in bubble wrap and the box is full of packing peanuts.




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