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    Yes! These eggs are available now!
    Fertility is proven. 1 male to 2 female ratio.You will get all others that are laid the day before shipping (up to 20) Breeders are from 2 different bloodlines.
    Latest personal hatch rate 25 out of 30 hatched 2/26/12

    Shipping box is a #4 and costs $9. I will bubble wrap each egg and fully enclose the box with bubble wrap.
    (no newspaper) You will not get a poorly packaged box of eggs. I ship mondays through wednesdays.

    I do not promise a good hatch rate due to circumstances beyond my control such as post office handling, incubation methods and such. Buying hatching eggs is a risk. Please do not rate me according to your hatch rate.

    I accept paypal.

    I do not ship to states that regulates hatching egg imports. It is your responsibility to know your states hatching egg import regulations.

    Check out my website for more pictures of my quail, chickens and other information.

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