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Feb 12, 2008
Tuttle, Oklahoma
Cuckoo Marans are a rare breed of chicken that has black and white banded feathers similar in appearance to a barred rock. The males are lighter colored than females. The maran's eggs are a distinctive dark chocolate brown color. (I have 2 blue cuckoo hens along with mostly regular, darker cuckoo hens and 2 feather legged roosters) My feather legged cuckoos come from Kelly Cratty lines and are bred to the French Standard. Very High Quality bloodlines! Our flocks have been NPIP tested and Certified!

I ship priority mail, and take boxes directly to the Oklahoma City Airport Post Office, where they fly priority mail daily. We pack each egg individually, with napkins & bubble wrap, then bundle the eggs together with tape, in the middle of the box then surround the eggs with lots more bubble wrap. We use the largest priority box available thru the post office, to ensure the best survivability of the eggs.


Here is a picture of our cuckoo marans eggs compared to jersey giant eggs


Cuckoo Marans eggs on the left ~ Jersey Giant eggs on the right.
My hens lay very well and my guess is that each hen lays at least 4-5 eggs a week. How much they lay depends a lot on other factors too ... weather, feeding, and light, to name a few.

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