12 + Delaware hatching eggs.............Dual purpose breed


9 Years
Sep 7, 2010
Turlock California
These are the friendliest chickens I have. They never stopped laying all through the winter months. They lay a nice sized light brown egg.
I have had a good success rate on the eggs I have hatched & the chicks are the liveliest chicks in the brooder by far. I have been happy with this breed in every way.
Each breed I have is housed in separate pens. This pen is one very nice rooster to 5 hens & fertility has been great.
I will wrap each egg individually & pack in batting & double box.
You can pay by paypal.
I may have another picture of the birds but no eggs pictures, but I can take one. I have done a hatch already with really good results. They & the EEs were the biggest & livliest chicks that hatched. These chicks were the ones that ran to me whenever I opened the brooder doors & kept my grandson entertained watching them through the wire doors.....So cute!!!! These birds have been a delight to me & they are NOT hatchery birds. They came from a breeder here in California. I was so impressed when they contiued to lay all winter when all my others stopped no BCM, Wheatens Marans, Australorps, or EEs but the Dellies kept pumping them out. I have hatching eggs here for sharing with the 4Hers tomorrow. I can take a picture for you.
Karen in California
How funny.........I am sorry I am not the best photographer. I just used a little point & shoot video I have lets see what I have............



of course the eggs on the right are the Delawares...........If you want more pictures let me know. Who knows I may get better at taking them.....LOL
Hi Jeremy,
I got my whole flock from Denny Thomas (Lotsapaints) in Paso Robles.
Do you still plan on sending Blue Wheaten Ameraucana hatching eggs to me? You had said it would be about a month but I would have to go back to our correspondence to see when that was.? I am hatching up a storm & having a ball. You don't belong to The Delta Poultry Meetup group but we had a meeting in Lodi last Saturday & our guest speaker was Lanae Cash from Willets. She raises true Araucanas & a few BCMs but her true passion is the Araucuanas. We are having another meetup next month at Sean Lail's in Antioch & a Pizza meetup in Linden to watch a chicken documentary that a member bought on DVD. You are welcomed to join us on any or all.....
Karen in Turlock
Karen, the three chicks I bought from you are doing great. And yes, they're the only birds in that brooder that will come up to me and check me out. Funny babies!
I so enjoyed them being in the brooder. My grandson loved watching them daily. I think it funny that in the brooder they are the most assertive of all the chicks & yet my grown flock is my most docile. Chicken behavior is very interesting.
I am so glad they are doing well. I find them to be easy keepers. Enjoy..........
Karen in Turlock

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