12+ Delaware Hatching Eggs


11 Years
Oct 23, 2008
High Springs, FL
I have a good flock of 'working' Delawares from the Janet Holtman line. I am breeding them primarily for growth rate and laying ability.

My rooster was 7lbs at 16 weeks of age. He does have 2 bent toes, but it doesn't affect his breeding. I get 99% hatch rate from his eggs.

The hens are great layers. They laid all winter long with no supplemental lighting, much better than my layer flock with lights in the coop do. I am replacing my sex-link layers with pullets from these hens. They even go broody occasionally.

The cockerels I hatch from this line are well over 5lbs at 16 weeks, with many being over 6lbs, and few have even reached 7.25lbs by 18 weeks old. The have well proportioned carcasses with nice meaty breasts. I am getting 3.5 lbs of meat on average from the legs, thighs and boneless breasts at 16-18 weeks. The rest of the carcass gets fed to the dogs or made into stock. Occasionally, cockerels have bent toes like their daddy, or come out with a Columbian color pattern, but they all taste great, regardless.

The pullets have great coloring, and a very friendly temperament. They are consistently closer to breed standard in coloring and conformation than the cockerels.

Buddy and his girls. He is my main breeding roo at this time.

Another shot of Buddy and his girls.

A closer shot of Buddy. He has yellowed in the intense Florida sun.

This is Buddy's son, the Skipper. He was 7.25lbs at 18 weeks. A great looking young roo.

This is one of the pullets I kept for my laying flock. The rest were to busy pecking my toes to get their picture taken.

The cost is $13.50 for 12+ eggs, and $15 for shipping, shipped out via Priority Mail on Monday or Tuesday. If you are close to Florida, I can probably ship out on a Wednesday and still be assured to get there before the weekend. I individually wrap the eggs in bubble wrap, and usually double box them. I have 6 hens laying now, so the eggs should be no more than 3 days old at most when shipped. PM me if you are interested or have any questions. I take Paypal at [email protected]


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