12+ extras Asst'd Chicken Hatching Eggs (purebred types, not crosses)

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  1. I will have, available to ship Monday, a dozen + extras, variety pack of chicken hatching eggs. They will be from our pure-bred, large fowl pens: Buff Orpington. Standard Cochin (Partridge or BBS), BBS Ameraucana, Dominique, Exchequer Leghorn, and if you would like, our Banty pens: cochins & silkies. Fertility has been confirmed for each pen.

    Price is per dozen but you may order more than just 1 dozen, shipping will go up according to the extra weight.
    If you want a shipment of a specific variety or varieties, please contact us to schedule the shipment separate from this auction. This auction is for a mix of the freshest eggs from our choice of pens.

    Priority Shipping to all states is $15 except to CA, OR, WA, and AK where it is a few dollars more (we are on the East Coast so West Coast costs more). We individually bubblewrap each egg, then pack them securely in foam, bubblewrap, & packing peanuts so they will arrive to you in the best possible shape.

    Disclaimer: Due to the many variables in hatching shipped eggs, we cannot guarantee how many will hatch. We have had hatches of zero from eggs we have bought too. But, we want you to be happy, and if you have a poor hatch or no hatch, lets us know and we will be glad to try and work out something with you.

    Gardienne Wings
    Heritage and Exotic Fowl

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