12+ Frizzle easter Egger eggs LF BIN shipping inc

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    Pen A: Frizzle black/silver roo over blue, brown, white Easter Egger or Ameraucana hens.

    Pen B; Frizzle red/black roo over white, black Easter Egger or Ameraucana hens.

    You will get a mix of the 2 pens. I pack and ship very well, and mark all my boxes.

    I will take orders for these ship dates right now. First to post sold, put date, and send PP to [email protected] will get these orders. As I am hatching now also.
    I will get better pics tomorrow.

    Frizzle breeds should hatch 50/50% frizzle. They will lay blue, green or olive eggs.

    I only ship Mon, Tues and Fri.
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