12+ LF (Standard) Polish Hatching Eggs- Tolbunt, Gold Lace/Buff Lace, Silver Lace and WC BBS/ WC Cuc


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May 6, 2011
Nashville, MI
We have several pens of LF polish that have hatching eggs available, pm me for availability- I have eggs I'm buying and putting in the bator and a bunch of my own- so bater keeps filling up!!! Likely will have at least a dozen of each of these pens available each week for awhile (hens can help pay for their coop renovations and feed!!)

Added per egg price for those who want a few from each pen to make their dozen :)

Gold Lace/ Buff Laced pen-
1 frizzled gold lace rooster & 1 smooth gold lace rooster (both split to tolbunt) covering several gold lace hens (all but 1 are split to tolbunt) and 2 buff lace hens (1 split to tolbunt, 1 not a split).

You are ABLE to get Gold Lace, Buff Lace and/or Tolbunt from these eggs.
When 2 birds split to tolbunt breed the offspring ratio LIKELY to be conceived is: 50% Laced (Gold or Buff from this pen) split to tolbunt, 25% Laced NOT split to tolbunt, and 25% tolbunt. This only means there is a good chance of having a tolbunt or more hatch out- but a great chance of having gold lace (and maybe a few buff lace) that are split to tolbunt to use in a breeding program with them.

We have been getting mostly Gold Lace- with a few Buff Lace and a few Tolbunt from this pen out of EACH hatch here- but we have been setting a dozen & a half or more eggs at a time.

Tolbunt Pen-
2 smooth roosters covering many smooth & frizzled tolbunt hens. There are ONLY TOLBUNTS IN THIS PEN- no other colors! Tolbunt is my favorite color in polish- they are beautiful birds!! I got my first tolbunts a few years ago and have been working on continuing to broaden their gene pool by bringing at least 2 batches of new stock every year from other breeders who outcross with gold lace polish as well. My current breeding pen has birds from and/or out of: Parker, Green Acre (NOT Greenfire), and Dancing Hen (strong Bare Necessities line) lines- many that had gold lace bred in to improve the type and broaden the genepool (tolbunts have a limited gene pool) . Off color chicks are rare- but can happen.

WC black/ WC blue/ WC cuckoo pen - not available until spring
- rotated out breeders for younger better quality keepers

2 WC black & 1 WC Blue roosters over WC black, WC Blue, WC cuckoo hens and 2 blue frizzle hens

all WC black & WC blue hens are non bearded. However the WC cuckoo hens are bearded (the breeder I got the WC Cuckoo roosters that produced them was working on bearded cuckoos)
I expect to get both bearded and non bearded chicks from this pen come spring.

Silver Laced pen- not available until spring

2 smooth rooster covering 6 smooth hens

These guys are still coming of age (sent off grumpy older cockerel)

$15 for up to two dozen, $20 for up to 4 dozen

Some feedback on a couple shipments sent out this year:

#1 - 24 tolbunt eggs, 12 gold lace split to tolbunt eggs (she is using a cabinet incy- I believe a sportsmen)
"Candled today, 3 had no development 4 early quit- all of those had badly damaged air cells. Everyone else is going strong. I am worried about hatch because a lot of air cells are damaged. The PO probably played soccer with the box... I would brag about your excellent fertility and viability though!!! I bet it is 100%!!

#2 - 3 tolbunt eggs, 3 gold lace split to tolbunt eggs (she is using a little fancy 6-7 egg incy)
"Hi, I wanted to let you I candled today and the tulbunt and gold lace look really good."

#3 - 15 WC Polish pen eggs (not sure of incy):
"Only had 4 not developing I'm happy :)"

#4 - (bought 6 (+2 free) tolbunt eggs) (not sure of the incy)
"Set 8 eggs and hatched out 7 chicks- awesome!! Thank you!!"

We've sent out close to 50 boxes this year of different breeds and/or polish varieties- not all the feed back is listed (honestly most people never let me know even if I message to ask- I've gotten messages from maybe 20 people tops), and not everyone has had great hatches- but most have gotten really good ones!!

Fertility has been at or near 100% so far this year (cause we have too many roosters....)- we do incubate eggs from our pens at least every 3-4 weeks so we know what the fertility rate is in average before shipping. Remember shipped eggs are a gamble- you may get a really great hatch- or a really crappy one depending on several issues listed below.

Eggs will be packaged well- will only send "clean" yet unwashed eggs, but can not guarantee how the post office will treat them/ buyers incubating skills/ incubator working properly, etc- so- hatch rate and egg condition on arrival is not in my hands- NO GUARANTEES.

BUT- please pm me if you have any issues on arrival of eggs, and please PM me to let me know how the hatch goes!!!


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Of course!
Tolbunt eggs are $10 each with every 6th egg free- so $50 for 6, $100 for a dozen. And we do include extras with at least 6 purchased.
I would be interested in a mixed dozen or so, Ill have room for up to 18 :) I have to buy another bator anyway so might as well fill it up! When would they be shipping?
Depends on the time of year- spring/ early summer we sell maybe a 1/4 to 1/3 what we hatch when still little and fuzzy and grow out the rest to sort for later.
Mid summer- late summer- sell most of them locally as very young chicks - and then we raise a handful of them up until they feather out and sort keepers from sale chicks.
BUT- I don't ship chicks until they are at least 4-5 weeks old.
I do have 5 WC cuckoo chicks that are 4-5 weeks old available, and also 2- 8 week old WC Cuckoo chicks.
But that is all at the moment as far as chicks go.

Will have a few young tolbunt pairs available soon- but not right now..
Hello. I've purchased eggs from you in the past and was hoping you have more available. I'm interested in 3 silver laced, 3 buff/gold and 6 white crested mix. Can I mix and match for a total of a dozen?

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