12 milli fluer cochin eggs

Good Morning, tate!!!!!
Please reserve 2 dozen of these eggs for me!!!!! Will send payment via Paypal shortly. I'm in the MFC group.......recently joined. Would love to attempt helping with this project!!! I love Cochins in general......such friendly, beautiful birds!!! Currently I have banty Cochins in Blue, White, Partridge and Splash........and one LF Red Cochin. I'd buy all 4 dozen if I possibly could(smile)......but 2 will have to do for now. Thanks!!!!!!
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Hi i have tried a couple times to send you a pm but it says that your inbox is full, where in florida are you located, i want some millle cochins so bad, but have had horrible experience with shipped eggs. im in fort myers maybe i could come pick up some eggs one day?
Hey, tate!!!!
I think I messed up!!!! I hit the "Buy It Now" button........maybe I wasn't supposed to do that???!! I'm new at bidding on this site....so please excuse my blunder!!! Anyway , I still want the 2 dozen eggs and will send $58.00 via Paypal. You still have 2 dozen eggs available......do you have to re-list them?!? If so, sorry!!!!
Hello Again!!!
I sent you the payment for the 2 dozen eggs. I'm really looking forward to receiving them!!! If you have any questions simply email me. I've had great luck hatching my own Cochins.......hopefully my luck will continue with your eggs!!!! Have a great evening!!!

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