12+ mixed muti colored hatching eggs.

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    May 20, 2009
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    I am selling 12+ high fertility & hatching rate eggs.
    I will send a couple extra just in case any break.
    I feed my chickens layer pellets, fruits and vegatables frequently.
    They are very healthy chickens.
    I free range just about everyday and get locked up at night
    I will line shipping box in bubble wrap, wrap each egg
    in bubble wrap and then fill the top with newpaper.
    My hatch rate is around 75%. My fertility rate is aroung 83%.
    I just hatched some out 4 days ago and got 9 out of 12.
    I clean my coop about every 2 weeks. All my chickens are NPIP.
    I have them all together as one big flock.
    This is my first time shipping eggs!
    You may get any one of these mixed breeds listed below.

    Roosters: Buff Brahma and Partridge Rock

    Hens: Ancona, Barred Rock, Black Minorca, Blue Andalusian, Brown Leghorn, Buff Brahma, Dark Cornish, EE, Partridge Rock, Rhode Island Red, Silver Spangled Hamburg, White Cochin and White Rock.

    BB roo

    Partridge Rock roo

    The flock

    Here are some chicks I hatched out

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